Ella’s Kitchen Offers Eco-Friendly Baby Food

By Kristin Tablang

Feed your baby food they’ll love while going green at the same time

ellas-kitchen-food Getting babies and toddlers to eat is not fun. It may seem adorable the first couple of times your tiny tot giggles and swats the choo-choo train spoon from your hand splattering smashed peas all over the place, or uses her high chair table as a canvas for a Jackson Pollock-esque work finger-painted with mashed carrots…but as you probably already [more]

Carrot Easter Cake With Cream Cheese Frosting

By Lauren Diamond

Our teen blogger in residence puts a fun twist on Easter treats.

cake5 copy When my editor asked me to create an Easter-related recipe, I wasn’t sure what to make. I’m Jewish, and although I know there’s the hot cross buns and dyed eggs, I really didn’t know what Easter food was all about. But I did know something: There's the Easter bunny, and bunnies love carrots. So--carrot cake! This is a sweet, moist cake [more]

A Fresh & Easy Greek Salad For Spring

By Kevin Lynch

This salad is juicy and sweet, with an easy citrusy vinaigrette to brighten things up.

Greek Salad 800 4675 A Greek salad is nice and simple, featuring tomatoes, cucumbers, Kalamata olives, feta, onions, and a vibrant dressing. I really like the way the juiciness of the tomatoes and cucumbers balance the saltiness of the olives and feta, and the red onions provide a sweet and spicy counterpoint. The vinaigrette dressing for this salad is also pretty easy. It just requires [more]

Lemon Meringue Pie

By Cara Nicoletti

Tart, sweet, and buttery–now that’s a dessert you can’t go wrong with.

DSC00875-666x630 I used regular lemons for this pie, rather than the in-season Meyer lemons, because I sometimes find Meyer lemons a little bit sweet for my taste. This curd is a bright spot--it's tart and sweet and buttery, and it’s damn good, if I do say so myself. I'd highly recommend that you use those 21 tablespoons because life is short and [more]

Orange-Scented Honey Almond Cakes

By Ken Leung

A citrusy, spring treat perfect for an intimate gathering (but easily doubled for a larger one).

cake_honey_almond_main_1 If your Easter gathering is small and intimate, this recipe from blogger Ken Leung yields a modest six mini-bundt cakes. But double it if you're expecting more company and this is the only dessert you'll be serving, as these are sure to go fast! As Ken says, "orange, honey, and almonds--what could be bad about that?" FOR THE CAKE Ingredients 3/4 cup (3 ounces) [more]

Smoked Duck and Brie Panini

By Sarah Bode-Clark

These come tegether in no time but have an air of elegance when you’re entertaining.

duck Panini are an excellent fall-back when crunched for time. They come together in no time  yet still have an air of elegance that you don't quite get from a regular sandwich. This recipe from  Chomping the Big Apple blends together smoky duck breast with sweet and tart cherry preserves to help the taste buds also remember that spring and summer produce [more]