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    By New York Family

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    New York Family is a monthly family lifestyle magazine focused on the interests, needs, and concerns of New York City parents. The print publication, which is free, is primarily distributed in Manhattan and Brooklyn (for now) at more than 1,000 locations–including schools, pediatricians offices, retail locations, children’s stores and apartment buildings. In print, the magazine reaches more than 100,000 parents throughout the city. At the beginning of every month, a digital edition of the new issue is archived on newyorkfamily.com, and sent to the thousands of families on our e-newsletter list. If you want to receive the free digital edition of the magazine, visit our sign-up page.

    New York Familyis also a website dedicated to the idea  that New York City parents and parents-to-be should have a web community they can call their own, with fresh daily content, comprehensive guides and listings, selective tips, refreshing articles, and social groups where local parents can connect to share their questions and concerns and anything else they want to share. The key arteries leading to the website are our e-newsletters, which include a weekly newsletter with highlights of family events and activities around the city along with the highlights of our website that week, including shopping tips, parenting resources, and helpful or provocative articles and blog posts. If you want to receive our weekly e-newsletter, or any of our specialty newsletters on being a new parent, city shopping, cooking for families, and other subjects, visit our sign-up page.

    New York Family also  sponsors a full calendar of events and activities for parents and children, from education seminars offering overviews on public school and private school options in the city to grand family parties with live bands and every manner of athletic and artistic activities for children. At the heart of our live events menu are two popular programs that that contribute greatly to family life in the city. One is the Blackboard Awards, which honors excellence in local education in every school system—public, independent, charter, and parochial. In separate ceremonies and resource guides, the Blackboard Awards honors schools and principals of excellence as well as great teachers.  For more information, and to recommend a school, principal, or teacher, visit blackboardawards.com.  Our other mega-live event is the annual series of Camp Fairs we produce in conjunction with the American Camp Association of New York.  The Camp Fairs, which are free, afford parents and children a chance to explore the wide diversity of day camps, sleep away camps, and specialty camps out there.

    Whether it’s a magazine article,  blog post, or a special seminar, we try to keep a parents and children at the top of our mind and in our hearts–and we welcome your feedback and your questions.  Please write us at newyorkfamily@manhattanmedia.com.

    All business queries should be sent to New York Family Publisher John Hurley at jhurley@manhattanmedia.com.