The Best Smartphone Apps For Techie Tots

By Iman Saad

Raising digital natives means screening the best age-appropriate apps for your curious kiddos

Fiete Match Fiete Match Kids (and babies and toddlers) these days seem to adapt to technology faster than ever--so while you may remember your very first (and not-so-sleek) cell phone coming not too long ago, children growing up in today's world are using smartphones and tablets from the get-go. But what does it all mean for parents striving to raise [more]

A Comprehensive New Baby App

By Mia Weber

From top NYC pediatrician Dr. Jen Trachtenberg comes a fab tech resource for new parents

BabyBundle_App_Screenshot_640x960_6 The phrase "there's an app for that" may seem a bit played out, but when it comes to resources to help with monitoring the health and growth of your new bundle of joy...there really is an extremely useful app available. Enter Baby Bundle. This sleek new app (they just launched a couple weeks ago--at a fabulous NYC fete at the Erno Laszlo [more]

Got Teens? Local Moms Shed Light On The Teen Years

By Iman Saad

Self-proclaimed “Doctor Moms,” Logan Levkoff and Jennifer Wider, give us a run-down of the good, the bad and the ugly parts about adolescent life.

9781580055062 Every parent has nightmares about their child’s teenage years. With the hormones, peer pressure and unending line of uncomfortable questions, parents seem to dread the teenage years more and more every day. Thankfully, our friends (and local moms), Dr. Logan Levkoff and Dr. Jennifer Wider, wrote the ultimate guide to navigating the teen world. Dubbing themselves as “Doctor Moms,” Got [more]

New Spring, New You

By Amity Spiegel

Five ways for busy moms to freshen up this spring, from new makeup to a new outlook.

1165841_78373180 We all want to lose our last 15 pounds of baby weight, dress like a fashionista, and have an organized home. But how many of us have the time and energy to make these things happen? Personally, a typical day for me entails scarfing down my kid’s leftover chick-a-saurus nuggets before getting my daily exercise in the form of a [more]

“Parentology” Author Dalton Conley Talks Unique Names, Modern Parenting, And More

By Emily Murphy

We caught up with the author of one of the hottest parenting books on the market right now–a read that he hopes will leave parents feeling more “relaxed”

parentology For every fact you think you know about good parenting, there are dozens of scientific studies to prove the opposite. When one report tells us that video games desensitize kids to violence, another insists they help develop problem-solving skills. With all the noise, instinct tells us to find the one “correct” way to parent. Dalton Conley, a university professor at [more]

Photographer of the Month: Lindsay May for Classic Kids Photography

By Mia Weber

In the first installment of our new monthly feature, get the scoop on what makes Lindsay May for Classic Kids Photography perfect for your next family, baby, or maternity photo session!

e_061801_131018 In our new monthly feature--Photographer of the Month--we'll be showcasing the work of a different family and/or maternity photographer each month! For our first installment, we're proud to present the lovely images of Lindsay May for Classic Kids Photography! Lindsay has photographed several New York Family cover subjects--including Melissa Joan Hart and Daphne Oz--and is known in NYC for her gift [more]