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    New York Family magazine has several key components, including a monthly print edition, a monthly digital edition that is published at newyorkfamily.com, a weekly e-newsletter, this website, and a live events division.

    If you have tips or suggestions for stories or events, or if you have a “Letter To The Editor,” please contact us at newyorkfamily@manhattanmedia.com. Likewise, if you have any questions about family life in the city, we want to help. You can send your questions to newyorkfamily@manhattanmedia.com and also reach out to other parents and local experts on our blogs, bulletin boards and neighborhood groups at newyorkfamily.com.

    You can read more about New York Family’s demographics and advertising information here. Or you can contact New York Family Publisher, John Hurley, at jhurley@manhattanmedia.com or 212-268-3086.

    If you have a recommended listing for our Calendar of Events in the magazine and the website, please send the information to newyorkfamily@manhattanmedia.com.

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    For all other questions and concerns, contact New York Family editor, Eric Messinger, at emessinger@manhattanmedia.com or New York Family publisher, John Hurley, at jhurley@manhattanmedia.com.

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