A Comprehensive New Baby App

By Mia Weber

From top NYC pediatrician Dr. Jen Trachtenberg comes a fab tech resource for new parents

BabyBundle_App_Screenshot_640x960_6 The phrase "there's an app for that" may seem a bit played out, but when it comes to resources to help with monitoring the health and growth of your new bundle of joy...there really is an extremely useful app available. Enter Baby Bundle. This sleek new app (they just launched a couple weeks ago--at a fabulous NYC fete at the Erno Laszlo [more]

Adorable DIY Project For Easter

By Lindsey Peers

Our friends at the Craft Studio show how to make a fun Easter Basket for spring

craft We love crafts in which you can take a common household item and recycle it into something amazing! Our friends at the Craft Studio are pleased to share this fun craft, just in time for Easter! This bunny mini-basket craft is easy for moms, inexpensive, and super cute!  You can use it as place setting for Easter dinner, or a special [more]

Fit For A Prince

By amy goodman

Zulily’s lifestyle editor shows how your baby can get the Prince George Look without the royal price tag

zulily3 Prince George is the newest fashion icon and much like his dear mum, Princess Kate, has triggered overnight sell-outs but this time it’s cute rompers, cozy sweaters and more. Amy E. Goodman--the zulily lifestyle editor, with lots of expertise on dressing everyone from babies to mommies--has some great tips below on how to get the royal baby’s look (for a [more]

Got Teens? Local Moms Shed Light On The Teen Years

By Iman Saad

Self-proclaimed “Doctor Moms,” Logan Levkoff and Jennifer Wider, give us a run-down of the good, the bad and the ugly parts about adolescent life.

9781580055062 Every parent has nightmares about their child’s teenage years. With the hormones, peer pressure and unending line of uncomfortable questions, parents seem to dread the teenage years more and more every day. Thankfully, our friends (and local moms), Dr. Logan Levkoff and Dr. Jennifer Wider, wrote the ultimate guide to navigating the teen world. Dubbing themselves as “Doctor Moms,” Got [more]

Great Gear The Grows With Your Baby

By Julie McCaffrey

Save time, space, and money with 5 top baby products that grow with your child

grow2 Let’s face it--outfitting your home with the right baby gear for your family and getting it all organized is no easy or inexpensive feat. Then it can seem you have barely used a piece of gear when your baby has suddenly outgrown it. Manufacturers have definitely started to hear parents’ frustrations and there are now some great products on the [more]

Wendy Bellissimo Introduces A New Maternity Collection For Destination Maternity

By Jodi Silberstein

A successful designer–and mom of four–gets ready to launch a chic new line for expectant mamas

,kweiomk There have been many phases in the career of designer Wendy Bellissimo, all of which have been extremely successful. This latest phase is no exception. Bellissimo says that raising her four daughters is what inspires many of her collections, which include children's clothing and accessories, as well as home and nursery furniture and decor. It is no surprise then that [more]