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Camps Are Addressing Special Food Needs

By New York Family

From nut allergies to kosher and halal, camps have got you covered

special food needs Many day and resident camps cater to special dietary requirements and restrictions, taking care to respect Kosher diets, lactose and gluten intolerances, and vegetarianism and veganism, as well as staying vigilant about food allergies and gastric disorders (like Celiac disease). Over the years, camp owners and directors have been educating themselves about children’s special dietary needs, allergies, and food sensitivities, [more]

A List Of Special Needs Camps To Consider:

By New York Family

A variety of camps to look into this summer

listofcamps Camp Akeela, Thetford Center, VT Resident camp for children with Asperger’s Syndrome and Non-Verbal Learning Differences, coed, ages 9-17 Camp Nejeda, Stillwater, NJ Resident Camp for children with diabetes; coed; ages 7-15 Camp Northwood, Remsen, NY Focuses on a providing a great camp experience to a coed population of immature, learning challenged children in need of structure and individualized attention . Camp Oakhurst, Oakhurst, NJ Resident Camp for [more]

Editor’s Note: Two Down

By Eric Messinger

A note on our 2014 Ultimate Guide to Summer Camp from our editor Eric Messinger

EM blog My daughter, who will be 14 in May, is almost four years older than my son. One of the always-interesting aspects of parenting them is seeing how my son’s reaction to a new experience compares to my daughter’s when she was his age. For example, when he was a toddler, I eagerly looked forward to reading him the bedtime classic, [more]

Searching For Camp: Two Great Resources

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Places to begin a in-depth search

incarnationcamp Incarnation Camp The American Camp Association, New York & New Jersey: Don’t let their name fool you. While they’re here for local parents, they help families discover the best camp for their children anywhere they want to go, whether it’s to a nearby day camp or a summer camp in Maine. A good starting point is to [more]

Now And Then

By New York Family

Camp directors share their favorite anecdotes from the recent past and from when they were campers

Deer Mountain Day Camp's Roberta Katz, far right Deer Mountain Day Camp's Roberta Katz, far right NOW Jessica Starkman Dwight Summer Day Camp While I'm sorry to see campers leave, dismissal is my favorite time of day. That's when countless campers approach me—usually at a full-speed run—just to show me or tell me something exciting about what they did that day. Most stories are about an accomplishment, like scoring [more]

Getting Ready

By Jess Michaels

Preparing Your First-Time Camper For Camp

asphalt green_83A1352-R_300 Asphalt Green You’ve made the exciting decision to send your child to camp this summer. This is an important milestone in a child’s life and you want to make sure you prepare your child for the experience before the first day of camp arrives.  Preparing will help make a child’s camp time more successful. The American Camp [more]