New York Family Virtual Camp Fairs 2021

New York Family Camp Fairs are going virtual. Join in for these FREE fairs!

Last year was a challenging year for everyone. These are unprecedented times we live in, and it is our hope in 2021 that we can get back some sense of normalcy. Part of that healing process is kids going back to summer camp and experiencing the pure joy they feel over the summer.

For over 15 years, the New York Family Camp Fair Series has connected families with the right camps for their children. At their heart, the fairs are networking events, connecting camps and families. Parents attend to meet with camps and have one-on-one discussions. The question we asked ourselves is how do we recreate those live experiences in a virtual environment.

After several discussions with camp owners & directors from across the spectrum of camps, New York Family has put together a plan that hones in on the theme of networking.

New York Family & American Camp Association NY&NJ have worked together with a firm specializing in matchmaking and bringing this advanced algorithmic software to our camp goers. 

This cutting edge technology allows parents to find the best camp for their kids. The best part is that these virtual camp events are free for parents to ‘attend.’