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Our Le$$er Parenting Columnist Hilary Chura Weighs In On How To Cost-Save For Camp:

By Hillary Chura

Here, a few tips of her own

Cashpile Send the children to relatives living in more economical environs: Once they hit first grade or so, many kids relish time away with the grandparents or cousins. It’s a bonus when those relatives happen to live in less expensive zip codes. Last July, both our sons went to a full-week, half-day LEGO camp outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Total cost for [more]

The Givers: Community Service At Summer Camp

By Jess Michaels

For Many Camps, Community Service Is An Essential Part Of Growing Up

Camp Danbee Camp Danbee Beyond all the exciting activities that summer camp is known for—from swimming to ropes course to arts and crafts—many day and resident camps include another kind of activity in the mix that’s more about doing good than having a good time (though that’s often a part of it too). At camp, volunteering and other altruistic [more]

Pack Like A Pro

By Jess Michaels

The Scoop On What Should Make It Into Your Camper’s Bag

Berkshire Hills Emanuel Camp Berkshire Hills Emanuel Camp Confused about what to pack for camp? When parents need to consider every weather scenario, as well as which camp activities their child might be engaged in, packing for camp can be rather daunting. For sure, the camp you decide on will provide a detailed list of what to bring and (just as [more]

Manhattan & Brooklyn Camp Fairs This Weekend!

By New York Family

Camp Fairs Are Free, Child-friendly, And A Great Way To Discover Day Camps And Sleepaway Camps!

JNW_ICON_Camps-21 Need some good ideas for day camps or sleepaway camps? A very convenient and  helpful way to start your search is by visiting New York Family's Camp Fairs, which are free, child-friendly, and just a real eye-opener to the many kinds of camp experiences out there. At each fair, parents can connect with more than 40 camps. The next Camp Fairs are [more]

Time to Unplug

By Jess Michaels

Camp provides kids with a chance to disconnect from technology

bank street_IMG_3012 Bank Street For generations, summer camp has been a place where children can connect with nature and with each other. But in today’s technological world, it can be a real change of mindset for both children and parents, to forgo technology for the weeks that children are at camp. According to a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, [more]

Communicating With Your Child At Camp

By New York Family

Each camp has their own communication policies, so it is important for parents to find out what their child’s camp policy is before summer begins.

bank street_IMG_3012 ONE-WAY EMAILS Many summer camps subscribe to services that allows parents to send one-way emails to their campers, and the emails are printed out and given to campers with the mail. Most camps don’t allow email correspondence back, but campers can write their parents letters in response. One-way email is a quick and efficient way for parents to correspond with their [more]