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  • The 2019 Ultimate Guide To Summer Camp

    Check this year’s camp guide for all kinds of advice, from picking your child’s camp to things camp directors say to keep in mind

    By New York Family
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    Deer Mountain Day Camp


    Camp Fair Information: All the info on registering for our upcoming Camp Fairs

    Last Word: A camp director offers expert insight for times when your camper isn’t sure about going back next summer


    Choose Wisely: The top six factors you really should focus on when choosing a camp

    Be Prepared!: How camp prepares campers for adulthood

    Rock Your Camp Tour: A quick checklist for the important factors to be looking for on a camp tour

    A Change in the Air?: How to tell if it’s the right time to consider a different camp for your child

    The Buddy System: Should your child go to camp with someone they know?

    Special Needs FAQs: Four questions to ask when choosing a camp for your special needs child

    The Power of Unplugging: Summer camp offers a perfect opportunity for kids to put the screens away

    Giving Camp Back to the Campers: In order to help kids to foster independence, it’s key for parents to let go and trust camp leaders

    The Joy of Tradition: Camp traditions & rituals bring a unique sense of history to the summer camp experience

    Countdown to Camp: A handy timeline for planning every aspect of camp—from the search process to drop-off day

    7 Savings Tips for Summer Camp: Fit summer camp into your family’s budget with these easy tips


    2019 Summer Camp Directory

    About The American Camp Association, New York & New Jersey: The ACA is a great resource for local parents—they help families discover the best camp for their children, whether it’s a day camp nearby or a sleepaway camp out of state. Visit to use their “Find a Camp” search directory. They also have a camp placement specialist, Renee Flax, who offers one-on-one consultations—contact her at 212-391-5208 or [email protected]

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