• Our Favorite Parenting Stories Of The Week

    When antibiotics aren’t the answer. Baby names at Yale infographic. St. Patrick’s Day crafts.

    By Nick Bell, Pearl Shin, Anna Sims, Sothea Shreck, Chrissy Makris

    A feel-good, true story about a local gay couple who found their soon-to-be-adopted son abandoned on a subway platform. Twelve years later, they were married by the same judge who offered the adoption! (New York Times)

    Most of us have given our kids antibiotics at least a few times, but it turns out they might not be the answer to most health woes. Here’s an argument for the less is more approach when it comes to antibiotics. (The Atlantic)

    Kindie music has become a booming business. Artists like Raffi have been successful at teaching children valuable lessons about life, friends, family, and learning, but what about other musicians? One dad shares his baby’s preference for Tom Petty and Justin Timberlake. (Slate)

    This mom thought she trusted her son…until he wouldn’t let her read his college essay. Should parents be allowed read their kids’ college apps?  (Huffington Post)

    We all generally agree that bullies are bad, but what do you do when it’s your child who’s the bully? (New York Times)

    Considering the parent who’s the last one home in the evening, here’s an idea that’ll make any family’s nightly reunion something special—with a throwback to the ’50s. (Slate)

    Will your name get you into Yale? This infographic compares popular baby names of the ‘90s with those who are currently enrolled at the Ivy League school. (Gawker)

    As a Bronx school nears its end, some feel school systems like New York’s are more focused on letting schools fail than helping struggling schools–and their students–succeed. (New York Times)

    Why buying local and organic isn’t enough when it comes to avoiding BPA. One study finds that some of the biggest carriers of phthalates are dairy and spices. (Mother Jones)

    Training children to use the potty can be a tricky ordeal. Here are eight tips for parents to help their children through the adjustment phase, including boy- and girl-oriented potty books. (People)

    Flying with children can be one of parenting’s biggest challenges. With spring break on the horizon, here are five tips to prepare for the journey. (Washington Post)

    What to do when your child brings home a racist friend? One parent weighs two options. (Momaroo)

    Michelle Obama is all about talking to kids about the importance of good food and exercise, but she avoids discussing weight with her daughters. (Huffington Post)

    Tia Mowry-Hardict and Tamera Mowry-Housley show off their sons on the cover of Essence’s April issue and reveal how motherhood makes them feel “sexy.” (People)

    St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! See this list of fun crafts you can do at home with your preschoolers. (She Knows)

    A stay-at-home mom addresses the inevitable issue of free time and how to spend it. (BlogHer)

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