• Our Definitive List Of New York City’s 21 Favorite Pro Sports Dads

    On the field, they are professional sports stars–off the field, they are all-star dads!

    By Brooke Schuldt

    New York City is known for its pro sports teams, from the legendary New York Yankees to the New York Giants, and every team in between. On the field, players focus on trying to earn championship titles for their teams, but off the field, some of them are proud dads! Here are just a few of our favorite NYC pro sports dads:

    • Derek Jeter
      Derek Jeter

      Former Team: New York Yankees

      New York City's favorite athlete and his supermodel wife Hannah Davis became parents in August to daughter Bella Raine.

      Photo: AJC.com

    • Michael Strahan
      Michael Strahan

      Former Team: New York Giants

      Former Giants defensive end and current TV personality Michael Strahan is the father of four children, Isabella (12), Sophia (12), Tanita (25), and Michael Jr. (22).

      Photo: Parade

    • Jorge Posada
      Jorge Posada

      Former Team: New York Yankees

      The former Yankees catcher has been spending his retirement with his two children, Paulina (15) and Jorge Jr. (unknown).

      Photo: k12hispanicoutlook.com

    • Mike Piazza
      Mike Piazza

      Former Team: New York Mets

      One of baseball's most famous catchers, Mike Piazza, now spends his time with his children, Marco (4), Paulina (8), and Nicoletta (10).

      Photo: vista.today

    • Eli Manning
      Eli Manning

      Team: New York Giants

      New York City's favorite quarterback has three daughters, Caroline (2), Lucy (4), and Ava (7).

      Photo: Kent Nishimura/Getty Images on rewind1057.com

    • Matt Forte
      Matt Forte

      Team: New York Jets

      Off the field, the Jets running back spends his time fathering his three kids, Nala, Jaden, and Matthew.

      Photo: pawschicago.org

    • Muhammad Wilkerson
      Muhammad Wilkerson

      Team: New York Jets

      The New Jersey native and Jets defensive end has a son and a daughter who occupy his time off the field.

      Photo: cbssports.com

    • Masahiro Tanaka
      Masahiro Tanaka

      Team: New York Yankees

      The star pitcher and his wife, Japanese TV personality Mai Satoda, welcomed a son in 2016.

      Photo: nydailynews.com

    • CC Sabathia
      CC Sabathia

      Team: New York Yankees

      Adding to the list of Yankee bullpen dads, Sabathia is the father of four children, Cyia (unknown), Carter (unknown), Jaeden (12), and Carsten (14).

      Photo: MLB.com

    • Luis Severino
      Luis Severino

      Team: New York Yankees

      Rounding out the Yankees' collection of bullpen dads is Luis Severino, who has a 2-year-old daughter named Abigail.

      Photo: Heavy.com

    • Brett Gardner
      Brett Gardner

      Team: New York Yankees

      The veteran player is the father of two sons, Hunter and Miller.

      Photo: alamy.com

    • Gary Sanchez
      Gary Sanchez

      Team: New York Yankees

      One of the Yankees' newest players is also a father to three-year-old daughter Sarah.

      Photo: NJ.com

    • David Wright
      David Wright

      Team: New York Mets

      Popular Mets infielder David Wright gave his daughter a pretty creative name that also shows his love of his team--Olivia Shea.

      Photo: Double G Sports

    • Jacob de Grom
      Jacob de Grom

      Team: New York Mets

      The Mets' all-star pitcher is also an all-star dad to one-year-old son Jaxon.

      Photo: New York Post

    • Henrik Lundqvist
      Henrik Lundqvist

      Team: New York Rangers

      The Rangers goalie and New York Family cover dad spends his off-rink time with 5-year-old daughter Charlise and 2-year-old daughter Juli.

      Photo by Michael Jurick

    • Ryan McDonagh
      Ryan McDonagh

      Team: New York Rangers

      Rangers captain and star defenseman Ryan McDonagh recently welcomed his first child, one-year-old daughter Falan.

      Photo: Ryan McDonagh on Instagram

    • Rick Nash
      Rick Nash

      Team: New York Rangers

      The Rangers left wing has a 4-year-old son named McLaren who gets all of his attention off the ice.

      Photo: Double G Sports

    • Andrew Ladd
      Andrew Ladd

      Team: New York Islanders

      The Canadian-born left wing has two children, Andy (3) and Locklan (4).

      Photo: NY Sports Day

    • Sean Kilpatrick
      Sean Kilpatrick

      Team: Brooklyn Nets

      The Nets shooting guards spends his time off the court with his daughter Bailey.

      Photo: Newsday

    • Andrea Pirlo
      Andrea Pirlo

      Team: New York City FC

      The soccer star and midfielder has two children, Angela (10) and Niccolo (14).

      Photo: quimamme.it

    • Luis Robles
      Luis Robles

      Team: New York Red Bulls

      The Red Bulls star goalkeeper has three children, Emily (1), Olivia (2) and Eli (4).

      Photo: New York Red Bulls on Twitter

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