Mark Consuelos Shares His Me-Time Must-Have

attractive man with dark hair in a styled setting drinking coffee
Mark Consuelos. Photo by Michael Simon / McCafé® at Home

Mark Consuelos’ character on “Riverdale,” Hiram Lodge, may be the small-screen town’s resident bad dad (but is he really the #GargoylKing and the #ManinBlack?) but in real life, he’s a devoted and loving father-of-three, as well as a hardworking actor. Of course, balancing fatherhood and career (not to mention his swoon-worthy relationship with longtime wife Kelly Ripa) requires fuel. For Consuelos, that means a good cup of coffee to start his day.

And as of recently, he is specifically all about coffee from McCafe at Home, with whom he recently partnered to support their Brew Happier campaign. January 17 was Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day, and to combat the impulse to abandon goals, Consuelos teamed up with Brew Happier to encourage resolution-setter–and especially other busy working parents like himself–to stick with it…with the help of a coffee pick-me-up.

“As someone who is constantly on the go, I make it a priority to start my day off right and really focus on being positive as I head into the day,” Consuelos says. “Mornings can be busy for me and my family so that’s why I try to make it a priority to sit down with a big cup of my favorite McCafé at Home coffee and take a few minutes to myself to start my day on a positive note. I love that McCafé at Home is encouraging others to Brew Happier and enjoy a little ‘me time.'”

We caught up with Consuelos to talk coffee, New Year’s resolutions, and the special ritual that he and Ripa stick to whenever they have downtime at home.

6 Questions for Mark Consuelos

Do you have any tips for busy parents trying to make the time for a relaxing moment while balancing work and family?

Find out what works for you to take some me time. For me, that means having a cup of coffee in the morning. That’s how I start my day!

Speaking of coffee, you’ve recently partnered with McCafe at Home! What should people know about McCafe at Home and what led you to working with them.

Coffee is a big part of my life, so it was a natural partnership. Did you know that January 17 is “Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day?” So, McCafe at Home is encouraging people to do the exact opposite, and to take a break, have a moment of positivity. For me, that means having a cup of coffee. That’s what I do in the morning to start my day right. Then, you have a better chance of seeing your New Year’s resolutions.

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What are some resolutions of goals that you’ve set for yourself in 2019?

I always try to do loosely have a few, so that if I ditch a couple of them…Haha! I want to read more books, get better sleep, and continue to meditate. Those are my three. I think, combined, I’m okay. The reading more books—I’m still haven’t really started that, but I have time.

I know you’re a busy, working dad. What does your morning routine look like? How do you carve out that moment for yourself to have that cup of coffee you mentioned?

I set an alarm so I give myself an extra 15-20 minutes, so I have the time to brew. Right now I’m loving the French Roast from McCafe at Home. That’s my go-to. But if I’m at home in New York, that means I’m not working and I have a few days off. So we have a ritual where if I’m not working, I make my wife coffee, and then on the weekends she makes me coffee. It’s built in, and it’s our time to check in with each other. We both really love our coffee in the morning. It just starts our day in a positive, positive way.

Speaking of your work—I’m a huge “Riverdale” fan! Any sneak peeks you can give from the rest of Season 3?

I can’t tell you what happens, but it’s going to get even crazier! So buckle up! This year has been really interesting because they’ve taken some turns where even I didn’t realize we were going to go that way. It’s a lot of fun, I think there will be some things explained and some new mysteries revealed.

What is your favorite thing about playing the character Hiram Lodge?

I love his suits! He’s got great suits, I would start there. But I love everything about him—I’m really lucky. To play the villain on a show like this is so much fun. [“Riverdale” creator] Roberto Aguirre Sacasa gives me so many great things to do and to play. I love my set and what I get to work on—you know, my study at the Lodge residence. I love it! Also, I enjoy working with my castmates. It’s a great cast and large cast, but everyone really gets along. And it’s a long season, so [having a great cast] helps to shorten that up a bit.