12 Ways to Celebrate National Sisters Day in NYC!

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How to Celebrate National Sisters Day in NYC!

August 1st is National Sisters Day and what better way to celebrate than by taking a day to explore some of the fun activities to do around NYC! Regardless of how much you disagree, the bonds that sisters have are very special and are unbreakable. Show your sister how much they mean to you by taking the day to spend some quality time together while enjoying some of your favorite things.

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Grab Some Ice Cream

There are so many ice cream shops around the city that you and your sister can find to grab a sweet treat! Some places that are fan favorites for New Yorkers are Sugar Hill Creamery and Emack & Bolios! Since National Sister Day is also the start of the hottest month of the summer, you will definitely need ice cream in order to cool off.

Go See an Outdoor Movie

If you and your sisters are big Marvel fans, then grab the picnic blankets and enjoy watching your favorite superheroes! Enjoy a beautiful view of the city from the Skyline Drive-In while enjoying the showing of Spiderman: Far from Home. You can also head over to Cadman Plaza Park where you can watch a free showing of Captain Marvel, put on by Movies Under the Stars.

American Girl Doll Store

This fun filled store is perfect for a girls day out! The American Girl Store have a lot of dolls, accessories and clothes that sisters can search through! Once you’re done shopping, take some time to get you and your doll’s hair and nails and then enjoy a great meal in the store’s dining area!

Stroll Through Central Park

There are so many things you can do in Central Park! If you are looking for a relaxing way to celebrate National Sisters Day, you can take part in a walking tour at the park, or you can enjoy a great meal while picnicking. You can also rent bikes to travel around the park or reserve time for a horse & carriage tour!

Visit The Museum Of Ice Cream

Explore all of the colorful experiences that the Museum of Ice Cream has to offer! Take yourself through the 13 different installations that the museum offers, such as Celestial Subway and the Sprinkler Pool. Not only is this a great place to have fun and to get some delicious treats, but it is also a great place to take pictures to celebrate this holiday!

Take A Trip to Little Island

Head over to Little Island for a fun filled day. No matter what age you are, there is something for everyone to do,  whether it’s spending time in the playground or looking at what event is going on in the Amphitheater. This is a great place to stop by and explore while roaming the city.

Shop at Dylan’s Candy Shop

For all of the chocolate lovers out there, make sure to stop by Dylan’s Candy Shop to get all of the candy you could possibly want. With its flagship store being found on Third Ave., you and your sister will spend hours combing through the different goodies that you can buy to celebrate National Sisters Day!

Chelsea Market

Looking for a wide variety of things to do all in one place? Well Chelsea Market is the place to go! Take some time to explore the different shopping options as well as the art and culture displays. Don’t forget to grab a bite to eat at any of the great restaurants!

Go to The Beach

There is no better activity to do on National Sisters Day than going to the beach. Lucky for us New Yorkers, there are many beaches in close proximity that you are able to pack up the car and head to the beach in a moment’s notice. Not sure which beaches are the best to stop at? Read about what each New York beach has to offer here.

Queens Botanical Garden

Take in all of the beautiful flowers at the Queens Botanical Garden. This 39-acre oasis is one of a kind and it is a popular destination for New Yorkers. Your sister will love admiring the beautiful scenery. You can also check out any of the exhibits that the garden has on display!

Coney Island

Luna Park is the best place to go if you are looking to have a ball of fun! There are so many games and attractions to choose from that you will never want to leave. Once you’ve rode all of the rides and won some prizes to bring home, end the day at any of their great restaurants or just take a walk down the boardwalk!

Bronx Zoo

If your sister is a big fan of animals, then it’s a no brainer to take her to the Bronx Zoo! You will find many exotic animals that you wouldn’t be able to see everyday such as lions and lemurs. This summer, the zoo is also putting on the Eric Carle’s World of Wildlife event, which will bring some of Eric Carle’s books to life! You will be able to enjoy live performances, games and other fun activities.