NYC’s Little Island at Pier 55 Is Now Open Along the Hudson River

little island at pier 55

Little Island at Pier Along the Hudson River Is Now Open!

After much anticipation, Little Island is now open to the public to roam and explore with the family. Come stop by and see just how design and nature come together to promote play and creativity.

Little Island is built right on top of the water along the Hudson River, with grassy slopes for kids to roll down on, overlook areas to take in views of the water and NYC, and entertainment areas that will invite a multitude of family-friendly performers.

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The Glade

During the summer, make sure to head over to The Glade where there will be weekly workshops from neighboring museums that encourage creative play. Kids will also love tapping into nature by sketching what they see and hear around the island such as the wide variety of flowers throughout the park.


The Amphitheater

Located towards the back of Little Island you will find a beautifully made amphitheater that overlooks the water. There will be ongoing performances throughout the summer from local New York artists for you and the kids to enjoy. And when there are no performances, this also makes a great place to eat a lunch outdoors and be close to the water.

food truck at little island

The Play Ground

This area is the hub of the park with seating tables, a bit of shade, and most importantly, food! Little Island has several food trucks that have Bites & Sips for the when the family gets hungry. There’s a little something for every one including snacks for the kids and adult beverages for parents.

Where is Little Island Located?

Pier 55 at Hudson River Park Hudson River Greenway, NY 10014

Does Little Island Have Restrooms?

Yes, there are restrooms at Little Island! They are very large with plenty of stalls and a baby changing station.

Near the restrooms you can also find a place to refill your water bottles.