Fun Ways to Celebrate The 2021 Olympics Closing Ceremony at Home!

Fun Ways to Celebrate The 2021 Olympics at Home!

The Tokyo Olympics finally kicked off amid the pandemic on July 23rd after a one-year delay. After two weeks of harsh competition by participants from around the world, the games will end with the closing ceremony on August 8th at 7 am E.T. This is a great time to get together with your family to have a celebration for the end of a grand and historic event. 

Through this celebration, teach your kids about the Olympics with various homemade crafts, fun recipes and even hosting your own mini Olympics. Your kids can learn about unity, sportsmanship and the rules of several games while having fun. Celebrate the closing ceremony of the Olympics at home by following the tips below!

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Decorate The House

Have just as much fun decorating as actually celebrating! Olympic rings, Olympic torches, national flags and more. Find a store selling Olympic party goods or follow some of the crafts below to decorate the house in Olympic-themed items. A great way to bring color to the celebration is to hang up streamers in each Olympic color. 

Create Olympic Medals

Create your own Olympic medals from cardboard and paint. You need to cut out 3 circles from a piece of cardboard, paint them in bronze, silver, and gold paint and attach a long string to create a medal that hangs comfortably from your neck. Be sure to wait for these to dry properly and then use these handmade medals to bestow upon your own little Olympic champions. 

Make Washi Tape Flags

A crucial part of the Olympics is national pride, and flags are a big part of showing this pride. This is a fun Washi Tape Flag Kids Craft  that works for kids of all ages and is a great way to show American pride and to cheer on the American Olympic athletes. 

Olympic Origami Bracelets 

Teach your kids the Japanese art form of folding paper as you create the Olympic rings with origami. With the Olympics being held in Japan, origami is a great way to learn about Japanese culture as well as the central idea of the Olympic games, unity. For a full guide to creating origami Olympic bracelets, check out DIY Olympic Origami Bracelets.

Olympic Themed Foods

The next step in an Olympic celebration is food. A very easy way to make Olympic food is a Cheetos torch. With just an ice cream cone and some Cheetos, you can have an edible Olympic torch. All you need to do is place a handful of Cheetos in the cone and You can find this recipe and more Olympic-themed food recipes to follow on Kid Friendly Olympics Party

Olympic Baked Goods

Whether it’s an Olympic Torch Cupcake or Olympic Rings Doughnuts, there are many fun Olympic-themed baked goods to try making with your kids. The best way to host your Olympics at home is to have food that fits the occasion and these baked goods certainly do the trick. 

Create an Obstacle Course

Move your couch and your coffee table, it’s time to set up a living room obstacle course! Using things you have around the house such as pillows, chairs, and blankets create a challenging course that your child can navigate as they race to the finish line. Some fun ideas for this course are to use exercise throughout the course (i.e Hula Hoop five times then continue or do five Jumping Jacks then continue) and to have your kid jump over some objects. 

Olympic Rings Outdoor Game

What better way to learn about the Olympics than by participating in them yourselves! This Olympic Rings Outdoor Game shows an easy-to-make game you can start creating with materials already in your house. Use any type of material to make 5 rings, one for each Olympic color. The Olympic colors are blue, yellow, black, green and red and some examples of materials include hula hoops in each of the colors or wrapped in duct tape, frisbees and plastic plates or paper plates. This game is great for younger kids who are working on their gross motor skills such as precision and strength. 

Go Outside to Play Some Sports

Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis —  these are all very popular Olympic sports that you can play just as easily at home. There are parks all around the city with soccer fields, tennis and volleyball courts. Find your local park and start playing! If you want to replicate the competitive atmosphere of the Olympics try to make a sports competition with brackets where players move up as they win.

If you have more people at your Olympic celebration, you can create teams that compete against each other throughout multiple games to spark healthy competition and have fun.