Fun Activities for Presidents’ Day Weekend in NYC

Photo by Joshua Bedford

Despite the pandemic canceling many fun events for 2021, there are still a lot of kid-friendly activities for Presidents’ Day weekend in NYC. Whether it’s in-person or virtual, your kids will enjoy learning about presidents, celebrating the Lunar New Year, making crafts for Valentine’s Day, or exploring nature. We’ve rounded up entertaining activities for Presidents’ Day weekend in NYC. However you choose to spend the weekend, use our list to help you make the most of your long weekend!

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10 Fun Activities for Presidents’ Day Weekend in NYC

1. Take a tour of the “Meet the Presidents” gallery

170 Central Park West, at Richard Gilder Way (77th Street), New York, NY 10024

Take a tour of the New York Historical Society’s “Meet the Presidents” gallery. For those curious, young minds who are interested in what the president’s office looks like, the gallery features a replica of the Oval Office. Here, children can explore and learn how the presidency and executive branch evolved into what it is today and how each of the presidents contributed to the role. The gallery also showcases historic artifacts and audio recordings of former presidents.

2. Watch a documentary of Abraham Lincoln’s in “Lincoln in Time of Crisis” – Virtual

Photo by Bee Calder

Check out the New York Historical Society’s Living History @ Home’s lesson “Lincoln in Time of Crisis.” This lesson discusses how President Abraham Lincoln became president during the Civil War and how he reunified the country. Children learn new methods on how to handle conflict and talk to their peers about challenging topics. This program is a free, online event is for kids of all ages and requires registration to participate.

3. Visit the “Right to Vote” exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan

Photo by Element5 Digital

The Tisch Building, 212 West 83rd Street, New York, NY 10024

Children will learn all about the presidency, voting, and women’s suffrage at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan’s “Right to Vote” exhibit. Kids will explore five play areas where they can pretend to be the president, vote on topics, make banners and campaign posters, and more. This fun exhibit will teach kids about the importance of listening to other people’s opinions and how to make decisions.

4. See “Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp” at Puppet Works Performance

338 6th Avenue (at 4th Street), Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY  11215

Your family will enjoy this special Presidents’ Day performance of Aladdin & The Wonderful Lamp. This marionette performance puts a unique spin on the classic Aladdin story that will certainly dazzle your little ones. Call ahead, as the venue is operating at 25 percent capacity!

There will be two performances on Presidents’ Day, February 15. One at 12:30 pm and  2:30 pm. Admission is $10 per child while it’s $11 per adult.

5. Participate in the Lunar New Year Festival at the Met – Virtual

The Met is celebrating the Year of the Ox with their virtual, Lunar New Year Festival. The event will be an all-day affair, featuring virtual performances, interactive activities, and artist-led workshops for all ages. Learn how to do the lion dance for a prosperous New Year or watch dancers from The New York Korean Performing Arts Center put on a performance. Children will learn how to make confetti poppers, design their own zodiac animal charm, or create a fierce dragon puppet.

This free, online event will all be prerecorded and will be available to view on The Met website, Friday, February 12.

6. Make a Gift for Your Loved Ones with the Family Art Project: Love for Woodland Friends – Virtual

Check out Wave Hill’s latest Family Art Project. Children can choose to create either a woodland sock puppet or a huggable heating pad out of rice, socks, plant medicine, and essential oils. These can be made into Valentine’s Day gifts for loved ones. This virtual event will be held over Zoom on Saturday, February 13 from 10 am to 11 am. Register today to get the link to this fun, online event.

7. Send Your Kids for the Day to Brooklyn Game Lab – Central Slope Location 

310 7th Ave floor 1, Brooklyn, NY 11215

If your kids are feeling cooped up, the Brooklyn Game Lab is offering a spectacular day of fun. Drop your kids off at The Brooklyn Game Lab’s Central Slope location where kids will begin the day playing exciting games. Then, at noon, the kids will arrive at Prospect Park for fun outdoors. Here, they will play active games and get a chance to partake in their “Battle Lab” where children can duel with foam weapons or go on quests. It’s sure to be a blast.

This session lasts from 9 am to 3 pm on February 12, 2021. This activity is geared for children ages 6 to 13 years old and will be split up by their age group. The session is $150. Register today to secure your child’s spot!

8. Send Your Kids for the Week to Active Kids Mid-Winter Break Camp

Photo by Michael Morse

397 Rogers Ave Brooklyn, NY  11225

Active Kids is hosting a Mid-Winter Break Camp for kids who love to be outdoors. Your children will enjoy exploring Prospect Park, learning how living things handle cold environments, and even getting the chance to build snowmen. Additionally, the camp offers fun, educational indoor activities when the kids are ready to come inside and warm up.

This camp is available for children ages 4 to 10. The session begins February 15th and ends on the 19th, starting from 8 am to 4 pm. The Mid-Winter Break Camp is $625.

9. Make Sculptures with Club CMA: Free Fridays with Raquel: Lunar New Year – Virtual

If you have a little one that has a creative streak, they will love this event. Every Friday, the CMA hosts Free Fridays with Raquel. On February 12, this free, virtual event celebrates the Lunar New Year with a fun craft. Inspired by the work of Lu Zhang, children will be creating their own sculptures to commemorate the new year.

This event is from 1 pm to 1:30 pm and geared for ages 5 years and older. Register through the CMA website to get a Zoom link. Materials to participate in the event are listed on the website.

10. Make Valentines with the Family Art Collaboration with Tom: Art Hearts – Virtual

Photo of Anna Kolosyuk

If you and your little one want to make valentines, this event is perfect for them. The CMA offers Family Art Collaboration with Tom where your child will enjoy creating Valentine’s Day cards. All you need is construction paper, markers, paint, tape, cardboard, lace, and ribbon.

This free, virtual event will take place from 10:30 am to 11:15 am on February 13. This activity is geared for ages 5 and under. To participate, register through the CMA website to receive the Zoom link.

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