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    Sew Like A Star at Pins & Needles!

    By New York Family


    Pins & Needles is a modern sewing and crafting boutique & studio that is dedicated to inspiring and supporting “makers” of all ages and skill levels!

    We specialize in sewing and design courses for kids, ages 7 and up with an emphasis on creativity, learning and fun. Since opening our doors in 2011, P&N has become a home to hundreds of kids who continue to return for our programming semester after semester.

    Everything we do here is focused on creative expression and teaching kids the fundamental skills of sewing. Students learn how to use a sewing machine, work with patterns, choose fabric, the basics of fashion design & illustration and much more.

    Curriculums are focused on making clothing, accessories and home decor items that students can personalize and enjoy wearing and using in their everyday lives. We have worked with pattern makers to design sewing and no-sew projects that are doable for beginning sewers and also those that are challenging for the more advanced sewer. All of our projects appeal to a wide range of children’s tastes and interests.

    Above all, our classes are about imagination and creativity! We help students pick out fabrics right here at the Pins & Needles retail space and we always encourage individuality so the students can express their own personal style.

    Our students meet and bond with other kids who share their interest in sewing and crafting. We encourage our students to help each other and collaborate on projects in a comfortable and warm environment.
    Our teaching staff includes fashion designers and artists who are passionate about sharing their expertise and nurturing a new generation of creative young people. Our teaching approach is gentle and patient with a lot of personal attention. We aim for a student to teacher ratio of 3:1. Classes are organized by age and skill level. Our airy, light-filled studio space invites creativity, learning and fun!

    Pins & Needles was named best sewing class for kids by New York Magazine!!!

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