January 30, 2013

New York Family’s 2013 Summer Camp Guide

Finding The Right Camp + The Full-Service Day Camp + Where Nature Is Nurture + Should Friends Go Away Together?

By New York Family


Editor’s Note: The Big Show

Making A Match: 10 Things To Consider When Choosing A Summer Camp

The Friend Question: Should A Child Go To Camp With A Buddy?

When Day Is The Way: Many Day Camps Now Attract Older Campers Who Appreciate Their Mix Of Programs And Attractions—And The Ability To Return Home At The End Of The Day

Get Your Gear Here: Look Cool At Camp This Summer With These 10 Must-Have Items

Nature Calling: Camps That Bring Campers Back To Basics

The Long And Short Of It: How Long Should A Child Go Away For?

Firsthand Evidence: Making The Most Of A Camp Visit

It’s Not What You Wear: Why Some Camps Still Prefer Dress Codes

How I Spent My Summers: A Lifelong Camp Lover Looks Back On Her Years As A Camper And Counselor


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    Great guide!


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    How can I get a hardcopy of the New York Camping Guide 2013???


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