• Best Of The Web: January 25-31

    Our Weekly Roundup Of Articles We Love

    Contributors: Sharon Beesley, Meghan Gearino, Elizabeth Raymond —

    Think pregnancy needs to slow you down? Watch Aimee Roseborrough rock climb at 8 months pregnant and think again! (Huffington Post)

    Comedian and new mom, Ahna Tessler, was shunned by “Funny or Die” after posting a skit of herself breast feeding her newborns. Justified? Check it out and decide for yourself. (NY Times)

    Is honesty really the best policy? Read as one mom explains the benefits and necessities of lying to your children… (CNN)

    Feeling a little sluggish with your new found pregnancy weight? Need a good laugh? Check out these awesomely awkward pregnancy photos. (iVillage)

    Start minding your Ps and Qs! Travel and Leisure just named NYC the rudest city in the USA. Thank you and have a nice day! (Travel and Leisure)

    Dino Day Care! A 190-million-year-old nursery (the oldest nesting site found to date!) was discovered in South Africa. (CBS News)

    While some think there will never be another Steve Jobs, parenting.com tells you how to raise your kid to become the next computer guru. (Parenting)

    Do men really strive for a son, while women pine for a daughter? Yes, according to a study by the journal Open Anthropology. (TIME)

    Picky eaters, rejoice! Sweet potatoes are yummy and colorful (which kids love), and can be served with almost any meal. (Perezitos.com)

    Teaching discipline, or horrible torture? A Brooklyn school policy limits children three bathroom breaks a week. (MSNBC)

    Check out this interview with Design Mom Gabrielle Blair. This blogger mommy of six discusses adoption, baby names and, of course, designing! (Marginamia)