STEAM the Summer Slide Away at Extreme STEAM Science Kids Camp

STEAM the Summer Slide Away at Extreme STEAM Science Kids Camp

The “summer slide” is a common concern among educators and  parents, where students can lose academic skills during the summer break. Studies suggest that about a third of the science and math knowledge gained during the school year may dissipate over the summer months. In today’s technology driven world, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) subjects are vital for children’s academic and overall life success. 

However, it’s equally important for kids to have a fun and fulfilling summer break. Balancing academic retention with enjoyable experiences is key. This is where programs like the Extreme STEAM Science Kids Camp play a crucial role. 

Operated as part of Park Shore Country Day Camp in Dix Hills, the Extreme STEAM Science Kids Camp caters to students completing first  through fifth grades. The camp  provides a blend of indoor and outdoor classrooms, including a  hydroponic grow lab, multiple gardens, a robotics room, an engineering room, and a unique space called the ESSK cave, housing reptiles, fish, and  a pond ecosystem. Campers engage in diverse activities such  as coding robots, designing and  engineering projects, conducting experiments, caring for animals, and tending to gardens  on a daily basis. 

One noteworthy aspect of ESSK is its integration of the arts with STEM  subjects, forming a holistic approach known as STEAM. This integration aims  to make learning both enjoyable and  educational, fostering essential skills like  collaboration, communication, problem solving, and critical thinking. 

STEAM the Summer Slide Away at Extreme STEAM Science Kids Camp

The camp is staffed by experienced  instructors who guide campers through  a journey of critical thinking and discovery. Each day, children participate  in age-appropriate activities designed  to stimulate their minds and fuel their imaginations. 

In 2023, for example, campers designed tents and engineered protective  shelters for butterfly eggs and baby caterpillars they found in their butterfly garden. When it was time for the nascent butterflies to emerge, one camper suggested they invite other campers to watch, “because it makes you feel good and free.” 

“That is the exact kind of compassion and kindness we need in science and  engineering education,” says Extreme  STEAM Science Kids director Stacey Susinno. “Summer is a time in which our  campers can discover true fulfillment in  learning for the purpose of helping our Earth.” 

In 2024, the Extreme STEAM Science Kids Camp offers four blocks of camps  throughout the summer to accommodate  varying schedules and interests: 

  • Block One: Energy Explorers (July  1-12): Activities include coding robots,  studying energy exchanges, and creating  hands-on terrariums. 
  • Block Two: Patterns in Nature Adventure (July 15-26): Campers explore  patterns in nature, engineer habitats, and  code robots to mimic animal behaviors.
  • Block Three: Systems and Interactions  Safari (July 29-August 9): Campers design  gardens, program robots, and delve into  systems thinking. 
  • Block Four: Ideals and Visionaries –  Structure and Function Quest (August 12- 23): Activities include engineering virtual  gardens, enhancing robot functions, and  exploring structural design. 

The camp not only nurtures confidence in STEM abilities but also  provides ample outdoor time under  the guidance of caring counselors and  teachers. To learn more about how  Extreme STEAM Science Kids Camp  can offer a fun and enriching summer experience while preventing the summer slide, visit extremesteamcamp.com for more information or to schedule a tour.  Join us in making this summer both  educational and memorable for your child!

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