How Qualified and Licensed Boat Enthusiasts can Boat in NYC

How Qualified and Licensed Boat Enthusiasts can Boat in New York City

How Qualified and Licensed Boat Enthusiasts can Boat in New York City

Not many city families wake up thinking; I will go boating today.  But it is very possible to rent a boat in NYC.

Being on a boat is undoubtedly the perfect escape for the family. Boating also allows you to explore the wonderful city of New York while connecting with nature at the same time. Sailing about is an exciting adventure that will bring the family together and help create memories that will last a lifetime! But for qualified and licensed boat enthusiasts, there are boating options here in New York City. 

Why Boating?

When it comes to boating, there’s something for everyone, and it’s more accessible and affordable than people may realize. Around sixty percent of the 100 million Americans who go boating yearly have an annual household income of $100,000 or less. There are many different ways to experience boating and Discover Boating is a great resource that can help you make the boating experience a reality in a way that’s right for you. 

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Learn to Boat

Take a Class. Did you know that there are boat education programs? If you want a hands-on boating experience and are interested in picking up new skills, this option might be right for you. There are on­-water training courses, watersports camps, youth boating programs and more offered all across the U.S. Some places that offer boating safety courses and hands-on training include; BoatUS FoundationThe National Safe Boating Council, and The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

How to Rent or share a Boat

Renting and sharing are both great options when it comes to boating. There are many places where you can rent boats on most waterways. These places provide hourly, daily, or weekly access to a variety of boat types. Most of them also provide tutorials on how to operate a boat, share helpful safety instructions for your on-water experience, and usually offer great suggestions on destinations and fun water activities to entertain the whole family. 

There is also the option of peer-to-peer boat sharing. This allows you to rent vessels near you directly through the boat owner that you want to rent, giving you the option to hire a captain and a crew if needed. Discover Boating’s Go Boating Today is a great tool to plan your next boating adventure.

Boat Clubs

Become a member of a boat club and you will have access to a variety of boats. You can book the time and your preferred boat online by paying a monthly fee. You will typically have access to training courses when you join a boat club. The best part is that you won’t have to deal with docking, cleaning, and maintaining the boats.

Always wanted to own a boat?

Like owning a house or a car, boating is a long-term investment. If you were to write down the numbers of what you spend yearly on your family vacations, you would soon realize that the amount of money you spend in a couple of years taking these vacations is comparable to the price of a boat large enough to fit the whole family, plus multiple guests! This is why the idea of owning a boat is really appealing to people who love bay sailing, visiting lakes and rivers, watersports, fishing, day sailing and camping.

If you are interested in becoming a vessel owner, you should aim to get a more complete view of the big picture. Make sure you visit Cost of Boat Ownership page, Discover Boating’s boat finder and loan calculator tools will also help you determine your budget, identify the specific types of boats that fit your personal taste and interests, and get the information you need to connect to nearby boat dealerships.

Fine print

According to New York Parks and Recreation, boating safety certificates are required for recreational boaters using motorized vessels, including personal watercraft. Operators of non-motorized boats, such as kayaks and canoes, are not required to have a boating safety certificate.