Things to Do With Kids: How to Survive the Last Few Weeks of Summer

We all love the summer weather and the break from school that allows for lots of family time, but over two months of summer vacation is a long time. As summer camp comes to a close and your island getaways are over, you might be thinking: what are we going to do for these last few weeks of summer? Especially as you’re juggling work, back-to-school shopping and more. We don’t want you to stress about how to keep your kids entertained. We’re here to help with a round-up of things to do with kids! We’ve covered a wide range of activities: arts & crafts, sing-alongs, storytimes, family concerts, movies, active play, cooking and more. With a mix of classic opportunities for fun, like NYC outdoor pools — and ones you’re maybe not that familiar with — like Whole Foods cooking classes. You’re sure to find a few ideas that catch your eye. And the best part about these options for things to do with kids is that many are family-friendly, so everyone can enjoy these last few weeks of summer together!

The end of summer is always a tough time, because not only are you running out of ideas for fun activities, but there’s also the pressure of a new school year starting. Need some help with your back-to-school checklist? Check out our back-to-school labels and backpack guides!

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