NYC Outdoor Swimming Pools Are Opening Soon!

kids swimming in pool

As the days get longer and the sun gets hotter, it is time to start collecting your pool floaties, goggles, and towels in preparation for the opening of New York City’s outdoor pools on June 27. These outdoor pools are the perfect way to cool off, have some family fun in the water, and keep your kids active throughout the summer. Guide your young ones in the water, watch your older kids race from one side of the pool to the other, or start a family game of Marco Polo — there are endless ways to spend your day at the pool. The pools are free and open to the public from 11 am to 7 pm. There are several pools located throughout all of the boroughs, so find the one that appeals to you the most. Grab your sunblock and get ready for New York City’s outdoor pools!


Asser Levy Pool

FDR Drive at 23rd Street
Spend some time on the playgrounds, basketball courts, and handball courts as the Asser Levy Recreation Center to warm up before heading over to the pool. Enjoy a refreshing splash of cool water after working up a sweat. Asser Levy Recreation Center also hosts several events throughout the summer, including Art Inspired by Frida Khalo on June 21, a hands-on, artistic workshop, and Family Field and Game Day on June 15, a day of obstacle courses, sports, and water activities.

Families swim at Asser Levy pool.
Families enjoy a blue sky day at Asser Levy pool. Photo by Malcolm Pinckney.

Dry Dock Pool

10th St, between Avenues C & D
Dry Dock Pool features both an intermediate sized pool, perfect for the whole family and older kids, as well as a wading pool of shallow water for young kids. Dry Dock also features playgrounds, so if the sun is going down and the pool is getting too cold, head over to the slides, ladders, and ropes to end the day climbing and playing on the playground.

Hamilton Fish Pool

Pitt St & Houston St
Do you have a big family? Maybe you’re teaming up with other families in your community for a day of summer, family fun? If so, Hamilton Fish Pool is the perfect option! There is not only a wading pool for toddlers but an Olympic-sized pool as well. This huge pool has plenty of room for all of your friends and family, and if that isn’t enough to draw you in, Hamilton Fish also includes a Recreation Center with basketball courts, handball courts, playgrounds, and more.

Highbridge Pool

Pitt St & Houston St
If you’re looking to make a whole day out of your trip to the pool, head to Highbridge Pool for basketball, baseball, handball, volleyball, and playgrounds, barbecue areas and several food trucks. You can even bring your dog to the family outing because Highbridge Pool offers dog-friendly areas. The pool area itself has both an Olympic-sized pool and a wading pool — great for all ages.

Photo of Highbridge Pool
Bring your family to this enormous, Olympic-sized pool for a day of swimming, splashing, and fun in the water! Photo by Daniel Avila.

John Jay Pool

FDR Drive, between 76th-78th Streets
Not only does John Jay have an intermediate-sized pool, but for the more daring and adventurous family, there is also a diving pool. Enjoy several playgrounds, basketball courts, and handball courts before or after your swim. John Jay Park also hosts events throughout the summer, including Family Day on June 8, which features crafts, carnival booths, games, inflatables, face painting, obstacle courses, and more!

Lasker Pool

110th St & Lenox Ave
There are endless ways to spend your time with your family in Central Park, and Lasker Pool is just one of them. The pool area has both an Olympic-sized and wading pool. After cooling off in the pool, head to the paddleboats, playgrounds, volleyball courts, or fishing areas. Bike through Central Park before or after your swim, and enjoy dog-friendly areas to bring your fluffy friend along for the afternoon.

Tompkins Square Pool

Avenue A, between 7th-10th Streets
For young kids and families who need to take a quick dip in the pool to escape the heat of the summer, Tompkins Square Pool is a great option. The pool area features a mini pool — perfect for the little ones learning how to swim, because not only is the pool smaller, but you won’t find the large crowds that fill some of the larger pools in Manhattan. Enjoy a calm afternoon swimming and playing on the playgrounds. Tompkins Square Park also hosts several, free “Films on the Green” outdoor screenings throughout the summer, including Tomboy on July 5 and Aya of Yop City on July 12.

Photo of the mini pool at Tompkins Square Park
Head to this mini pool at Tompkins Square Park for a calm and cool afternoon! Photo by EV Grieve East Village Blog.

Tony Dapolito Pool

1 Clarkson St, between Seventh Ave South & Hudson St
For an event-filled summer, head to Tony Dapolito Recreation Center for not only intermediate-sized and diving pools, but family-friendly crafts and movies. The Arts, Culture, & Fun: Tot Program: Guardian and Me brings art and fitness together in active and creative exercises designed for toddlers, taking place on June 7, 14, and 21. Movies Under the Stars screen on Thursdays throughout June, featuring movies such as The Adventures of Pricilla, Queen of the Desert, Bohemian Rhapsody and Too Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything!


Douglass & DeGraw Pool

Thomas Greene Playground, Third Ave & Nevins St
The bright and colorful pool area of Douglass & DeGraw Pool includes an intermediate-sized and wading pool. The vibrant blue, orange, and yellow designs and decor surrounding the pools create an energetic and positive environment, perfect for a summer day at the pool. Take a break from the pools to play on the playgrounds, basketball courts, an handball courts, and then head back to the pool for more fun in the water!

Douglass & DeGraw Pool photo with decor in the background
Check out the bright coloring and designs at Douglass & DeGraw Pool! Photo by NYC Parks.

McCarren Park Pool

Lorimer St & Driggs Ave
Head to the Olympic-sized pool at McCarren Park for plenty of room to splash and swim. Beyond the huge pool, there are playgrounds, soccer fields, basketball courts, dog-friendly areas, and barbecue areas. Enjoy several events at McCarren Park, including the Go Green! Brooklyn Festival on June 1, which has crafts, dance performances, volunteer park cleanups, and more to learn about sustainability initiatives. There is also the Community Roller Skating Party on June 14 and Make Music New York concert performances on June 21. Keep up with McCarren Park’s calendar to see events for July and August!

Red Hook Pool

Bay St & Henry St
Enjoy the Olympic-sized Red Hook Pool this summer with your family. After fun and games in the pool, head over to the barbecue areas and eateries for lunch or an early dinner. Red Hook Recreation Area also features basketball courts, baseball fields, handball courts, soccer fields, and playgrounds and events throughout the summer. On June 15, Learn to Ride invites children and their parents to come for a free afternoon of learning how to ride a bike.

Children and parents swim at Red Hook Pool.
Families spend the day at the Olympic-sized Red Hook Pool! Photo by NYC Parks.

Sunset Park Pool

Seventh Ave, between 41st-44th Streets
Bring your family to the Sunset Park Olympic-sized pool this summer. Spend time at the basketball courts, playgrounds, and dog-friendly areas after your swim, and take part in Sunset Park’s events, such as outdoor movies and music. On June 7, bring a blanket and take part in the International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival. Check out Sunset Park’s monthly calendar to stay up-to-date with events throughout the summer!


Astoria Park Pool

19th St & 23rd Dr
Head to the largest swimming pool in New York City for family fun and history — in 1936 and 1964, the Olympic Trials for Swimming and Diving were held at Astoria Pool. Check out the fountains on the east end of the pool to see what were once Olympic torches that burned during the swimming and diving events. Beyond the vastness of the pool and the rich history of this site, there are also food trucks and snack bars, playgrounds, skate parks, and dog-friendly areas.

Families swim in Astoria Pool.
Residents from all of the boroughs flock towards the largest pool in New York City to cool off! Photo by Joe Buglewicz.


Floating Pool at Barretto Point Park

Tiffany St & Viele Ave
Are you wondering where the name “Floating Pool” comes from? Well, this intermediate-sized pool is, in fact, floating with beautiful, waterfront views. The Bronx now has a place to swim and cool off with the building of the floating pool in 2008, which is a local hotspot for Bronx children and families. There are also food trucks, canoe and kayak sites, playgrounds, and open, green spaces.

Families swim at Floating Pool.
Check out this floating pool in the Bronx this summer! Photo by NYC Parks.

Staten Island

Faber Pool

Faber St & Richmond Terrace
Spend your summer days at this intermediate-sized pool in Staten Island. Faber Park also features skate parks, basketball courts, and playgrounds for endless fun and games. Take a stroll around the park with your family, and when the sun gets too hot, head back into the water. Bring grandma and grandpa for CityParks Senior Fitness Yoga on summer afternoons, and reunite afterward to watch your older kids skate up the ramps of the skate park or your younger kids race in the pool!

Children and parents play in the water at Faber Pool.
Splash the day away at Faber Pool this summer! Photo by NYC Parks.