Back to School Labels Guide: A Label for Every Parent & Child


 Mabel’s Labels

When it comes to back to school labeling, there are two questions to consider: 1) What should I label? 2) How should I label? Let’s first tackle the “what.” School supplies are probably the first thing that comes to mind: notebooks, folders, pencil cases, and binders. But think about all of those times when your kids came home from school without their jacket or mixed up their lunch bag with a classmate’s. Even the things that your kids haven’t lost yet predict that they will: sports equipment, shoes, water bottles, food containers, stuffed animals, backpacks, and more. Labels also serve the function of letting others know something about your children, such as allergies or medical conditions. 

Now on to the “how.” Every parent is different, so when it comes to labeling, there’s a labeling mechanism for each parent-personality. Are you a parent on a budget? Do you have two or more kids? Are you obsessed with mom hacks/dad hacks? We’ve got a labeling method for every parent, complete with ideas for what to label. Just as no parent is the same, no child is the same, so every process involves customization, whether it’s designing your labels online or writing in different Sharpie colors. In our back to school labels guide, we’ll uncover many answers to the question of how to label!

There’s one more bonus question: the “why.” Why is labeling so important? There’s the obvious answer — labeling stops your kids from losing things — but labels serve many other purposes. First, they prevent germs from spreading. While your little one may not have lost their lunch bag or water bottle, they could have mixed it up with someone else’s in the classroom. Labels let everyone know whose item it is so that other hands aren’t touching it by accident. Especially in a close-quarters class of young kids, germs spread fast, so keep your kids healthy by labeling. Next, labels provide comfort for parents in knowing that all of their child’s belongings are safe. No need to worry if your kids will come home with the new pencil cases you bought for them! Another comfort for parents is that the labels are a real money saver. Sure, you spend money on the labels themselves, but those labels prevent your kids from losing more expensive items. Last, but certainly not least, labels are a real confidence booster for kids. Seeing their name on their items provides little ones with a sense of ownership. They have all of the school-related materials they need, labeled with their favorite colors or icons, to tackle the school day. When kids come home with everything that they left within the morning and receive praise from their parents, they develop more confidence in themselves and gain independence and responsibility.

Let’s dive into the many ways to label, categorized by parent personalities in our back to school labeling guide! And if you’re looking for a new backpack for your little one, check out our backpack guide


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