• Yoga Mama Poses

    Latham Thomas’ yoga poses for pre- or postnatal practice.

    By Angela Johnson

    Don’t have time for a 90-minute yoga session? Latham Thomas suggests trying a few of her favorite poses for just five or ten minutes—great for any pre- or postnatal practice.

    Goddess Squats

    The squat is the perfect hip-opener. “When you squat, your pelvis is 30% more open, which is huge when you’re trying to push a baby out,” Thomas says.

    Leg Drain

    Also known as Legs-Up-The-Wall, this pose can be a great release from the stress and anxiety of parenthood. “If you hang out [in this pose] for 20 minutes, it’s the equivalent of taking a two-hour nap,” Thomas notes.

    Warrior Series

    This sequence of poses is great for strengthening the thighs, butt, and hips—all of which play an important role in the pushing process. The warrior flow also helps build upper body strength, which will come in handy when carrying your baby!

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