• Coolest Kids’ Shoes Ever: Smallbirds by Allbirds

    Cult favorite shoe brand Allbirds has recently a line just for kids

    By New York Family

    For those not in the tech scene in-crowd, Allbirds is a shoe brand from New Zealand, specializing in shoes make sustainably from wool sourced in NZ, that has been noted as the must-have shoe among the Silicon Valley elite.

    So, it’s great news for parents of all the budding technology wunderkinds in NYC that Allbirds recently released a line just for kids, aptly called Smallbirds. Smallbirds are just as comfy, practical, and sustainable as Allbirds’ classic Wool Runners. The kids’ shoes come in three colors, and are machine-washable, breathable, and stretchy for growing feet.

    Smallbirds are available online and at Allbirds’ NYC storefront at 68 Prince Street.

    To learn more, visit allbirds.com

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