• Shopping: 10 Cute And Comfy Baby Onesies

    From adorable graphics to hilarious phrases and jokes, our fave onsies for babies are cute, cozy, and cool

    By Chloe Rehfield

    Even if your little baby isn’t able to speak their mind yet, it’s understood that donning an adorable onesie would make them just as content as a warm bottle of milk. There are plenty of pretty and witty mini-bodysuits out there–choosing one all comes down to your infant’s own personal style! Here are ten cute and uber-comfy onesies (many with LOL-worthy phrases on them) that would be the perfect addition to your kiddie’s closet.

    • Miso Cute Infant Bodysuit
      Miso Cute Infant Bodysuit

      This snapsuit features an utterly adorable, smiling bowl of soup, placed below a caption “Miso Cute.” Yes, babies love showing off how cute they are whenever they get the chance. Hopefully this outfit will keep your child as warm as the cup of soup is. The onesie is available in three pastel colors: pink, blue, and green. $19.99, cafepress.com

    • Shaken Not Stirred Infant Bodysuit
      Shaken Not Stirred Infant Bodysuit

      Just like James Bonds, babies are very particular about how they want their beverages served. Be careful not to shake their milk bottle up too much. This onesie, stamped with a cute cartoon with the words “Shaken Not Stirred” written on it, will help keep you in check. The outfit comes in sky blue, pink, and green. $19.99, cafepress.com

    • Star Wars Baby Costume
      Star Wars Baby Costume

      This is the perfect onesie for the baby of a tremendous Star Wars fan. Your little one can stay toasty and protected in this adorable R2D2 outfit. The getup includes a soft cotton cap. $48, etsy.com

    • Truly Scrumptious Boys Grey/Navy Faux Collared Shirt, Tie and Vest Footie
      Truly Scrumptious Boys Grey/Navy Faux Collared Shirt, Tie and Vest Footie

      Why not have your young one start dressing up early? It's rare you find a three-part outfit containing a shirt, tie, and vest, come all in one at such a low price! Your baby will love wearing this soft, footed bodysuit. Making a fancy impression has never been so easy.$19.99, toysrus.com

    • Delightfully Fun Guitar Outfit
      Delightfully Fun Guitar Outfit

      For all musicians in the house, pass down your tuneful inclinations to your baby with this cotton onesie, designed with a big guitar whose neck is running down one sleeve of the outfit. We can assure you that you’ll have the youngest musician yet! $20, etsy.com

    • "If You Can Read This" Bodysuit

      This clever onesie is sports a design that looks just like a typical eye exam chart, except instead of random letters, it says: "If you can read this you're close enough to change my diaper." As if the smell wouldn't be a strong enough reminder already. $12.95, etsy.com

    • Barbie Funny One-Piece Suit
      Barbie Funny One-Piece Suit

      Little baby girls are the most darling dolls in the room! Your daughter will love sporting this funny onesie that says, "Step aside Barbie, there's a new doll in town." Just be careful the next time you go toy shopping! The suit comes in two available colors. $12.49, etsy.com

    • Polka Dot Applique Bodysuit
      Polka Dot Applique Bodysuit

      Your baby girl will look precious decked out in this colorful, elegant onesie. The cotton, long-sleeved bodysuit is machine-washable and has a scalloped trim. The gentle and feminine quality is topped off with a little bow on the collar. This outfit comes in three different colors, with a choice of three extremely cute characters stamped on front: an owl, a mouse, and a dachshund. $7.20, carters.com

    • Little Me Monkey 3 Pack Bodysuit
      Little Me Monkey 3 Pack Bodysuit

      It's hard to say which one is cuter--your infant or these adorable snapsuits. Little babies will stay extra comfortable in these light, monkey-and-banana patterned onesies. The pieces come in a set of three, each with a different design. $16, littleme.com

    • Crying Gets You Things Snapsuit
      Crying Gets You Things Snapsuit

      Every parent knows it to be true: If babies cry, we’ll get them whatever they want to make them stop. Good thing infants can’t read yet—if they could, they’d certainly be wailing nonstop by abiding to the idiom printed on this cotton onesie: “Crying gets you things.” wrybaby.com

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