• Q&A With Rosie Pope, Author Of Mommy IQ

    New York Family’s eight questions for Bravo’s “Pregnant In Heels” star.

    By New York Family

    From Bravo’s “Pregnant in Heels” star and maternity fashion designer Rosie Pope comes an expectant moms must-read, Mommy IQ: The Complete Guide to Pregnancy.  Giving readers with a step-by-step guide throughout the journey of pregnancy, the book covers everything from prenatal testing and ultrasounds to creating a birth plan and choosing the right baby gear. We caught up with Pope, our city’s parenting and pregnancy expert, to ask her some questions about her new book and her new adventures in mommyhood.

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    What can readers expect from Mommy IQ? With so many pregnancy books out there, what does this offer that might inspire pregnant women to make room for it in their required reading?

    RP: There are expert guides and there are girlfriend guides, but there’s nothing that provides both. My book gives you all the expert info you need, while holding your hand as a friend through the trials and tribulations of pregnancy.

    You had your third child in May. Please share a bit of advice from your new book that you yourself found especially helpful during your recent pregnancy.

    RP: There’s a need to have gear lists and I think it’s really easy to go overboard and spend a lot of money on the plethora of gear out there for babies. Because it was my first girl, I definitely could have gone overboard but I took my own advice and bought just what was necessary.

    After two seasons of “Pregnant In Heels,” you’ve been exposed to a lot of pre-natal advice. In writing the book, did you learn anything new and surprising that seemed like important info to get out there?

    RP: Gum disease–the latest is that having gum disease while pregnant makes you seven times more likely to have a pre-term baby of low birth weight.

    Let’s talk maternity fashion. For a pregnant woman who really wants to treat herself to something special in the next few months, what would you recommend from your collection?

    RP: The Wrap Dress (see above right) is not only great during pregnancy because it grows with you, but it’s great because you can also wear it after you have your baby. I’m also a big believer that pregnant women can wear patterns and bold prints. This dress is what I like to call a “desk to dinner” dress.

    As a new parent, what are one or two of your favorite new accessories for the nursery, or really anything that either you or your baby especially love?

    RP: I really like the silhouette trend. It’s a great, traditional way to have artwork in the nursery that is also sentimental. I also really like highlighter–bold colors are not just for fashion, but can be used in the nursery too. You can get little touches of highlighter in wallpaper, in throw pillows and rugs. If you get a monogrammed pillow, why not get the thread in a bright color? Babies love bright colors.

    Though you can help someone during their pregnancy in all kinds of ways. In your experience, how much can you help a person prepare for motherhood itself and all the ensuing changes in their life? What’s one of your favorite pieces of advice for new parents?

    RP: I don’t think anybody can fully prepare you for motherhood; however, I do believe the more education you have, the more empowered you feel that you’re making the right choices for your child and therefore the more you can enjoy motherhood. My advice is to be confident in your own decisions–don’t let other people make you feel bad about the choices that you’ve made for your own family.

    Where have you looked for good advice and support during your pregnancies, or as a parent?

    RP: I am very fortunate to have a whole team of experts and I turn to them regularly, from Dr. Amos Grunebaum, who wrote the foreword to my book, Mommy IQ, to Dr. Kathryn Smerling, who is a child therapist and psychologist, all the way through to my makeup artist, Karina Montoya, who teaches me out to look good when I have no time!

    You write a fun thoughtful personal blog called Morning Coffee. Would you share a small moment that made you really happy lately?

    RP: When my son said that he loved me more than Pluto, which, he also informed me, is no longer a planet.

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