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    Chrissy Teigen’s #FOMO-inducing baby shower + How your partner’s caffeine intake can affect your pregnancy + Toddlers talk to Siri and it’s hilarious

    By Julia Malykh, Mia Weber, Maggie Finn Ryan

    chrissyChrissy Teigen is the definition of #BabyShowerGoals! Hosted by the entire Kardashian clan and catered by McDonald’s, it was a fun one–don’t miss the cute photos. (E! Online)

    Most pregnant and trying-to-get-pregnant women already know to limit their caffeine intake. But a new study shows that even your partner’s caffeine intake affects pregnancy! (Refinery 29)

    Listen up, expectant mothers! There’s a new test that can predict your risk for postpartum depression. (Fit Pregnancy)

    Congratulations are in order for NYC comedian Seth Meyers and his wife Alexi Ashe on the birth of their first child: A baby boy! (Just Jared

    Is your little one at risk? Researchers find babies addicted to junk food and sugar at just 5 months old! (NY Daily News)

    In this sweet video, kids give dating advice on how to approach someone you like! (BuzzFeed)

    Local mom Joanna Goddard at Cup of Jo asks the big birth question: “What Did You Pack In Your Hospital Bag?” (Cup of Jo)

    In this precious video, Siri has no clue what this toddler is saying! (Huffington Post)

    We’re sure many local moms will be able to relate to this new memoir…think of it like the “Real World” but with Brooklyn moms’ groups! (Cricket’s Circle)

    Who knew your fave “Sesame Street” characters were such accomplished rappers! Don’t miss this awesome vid of Bert and Ernie spittin’ fire! (Mashable)

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