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    See parenthood through the very cool eyes of these 10 Tri-State area moms on Instagram

    By September Broadhead

    There are plenty of awesome moms on Instagram, but these 10 special accounts–which belong to celebs, bloggers, designers, and beyond– have caught our eye. Their love of family, attention to refinement, and their focus on what makes them happy in life is downright inspiring. And on top of all of that, their kids are so stinkin’ cute.

    Check out some of our fave photos from our fave Insta-Moms’ accounts, and be sure to check them and follow for endless inspiration!

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    • Naomi Davis - @taza
      Naomi Davis - @taza

      Name: Naomi Davis
      Instagram: @taza
      Blog/Organization: lovetaza.com
      Location: New York City
      Theme: Lifestyle

      Why We Love It: Naomi Davis, or Taza as her husband calls her, not only runs an amazing lifestyle blog, but documents her families adventures in the city via Instagram. She does a phenomenal job capturing the most precious photos of her three littles: Eleanor, Samson, and Conrad.

      Photo via instagram.com/taza

    • Hilary Duff - @hilaryduff
      Hilary Duff - @hilaryduff

      Name: Hilary Duff
      Instagram: @hilaryduff
      Location: New York City - Brooklyn
      Theme: Celebrity

      Why We Love It: Hilary Duff has got to be the coolest 20-something celeb mom on Instagram. Being able to see behind the scenes photos of her on the set of TV Land’s show, "Younger," and photos of her life as a mother to her super-cute son, Luca, (not to mention her gorgeous multi-hued hair and her adorable dog) is so worth the follow.

      Photo via instagram.com/hilaryduff

      Photo via

    • Nicole Gonzalez - @lilliesandleon
      Nicole Gonzalez - @lilliesandleon

      Name: Nicole Gonzalez
      Instagram: @lilliesandleon
      Blog/Organization: Digital Style Editor for Babiekins Magazine, Freshly Picked Brand Enthusiast, What to Expect Contributor (babiekinsmag.com)
      Location: New York City
      Theme: Fashion, Lifestyle

      Why We Love It: Nicole Gonzalez is not only beautiful herself, but she has one of the most beautiful Instagram feeds. Her adorable son, Lucas, is one of her most photographed subjects, and the way she captures the little moments they share is truly special.

      Photo via instagram.com/lilliesandleon

    • Kirsten Rickert - @kirstenrickert
      Kirsten Rickert - @kirstenrickert

      Name: Kirsten Rickert
      Instagram: @kirstenrickert
      Blog/Organization: kirstenrickert.com
      Location: New Jersey
      Theme: Holistic Living

      Why We Love It: This artist, writer, photographer and mother of two adorable (and quite photogenic) girls has holistic living down to a science. Her passion for art, nature and family are translated through her lovely photography. The things she creates with flowers and found objects near her New Jersey home will blow you away.

      Photo via instagram.com/kirstenrickert

    • Brianne Manz - @strollerinthecity
      Brianne Manz - @strollerinthecity

      Name: Brianne Manz
      Instagram: @strollerinthecity
      Blog/Organization: strollerinthecity.com
      Location: New York City
      Theme: Lifestyle

      Why We Love It: This former fashion showroom owner and lifestyle blogger “boasts about city living, kids fashion and all things that are mommy.” The photos she takes of her two daughters' ballet classes will make you melt.

      Photo via instagram.com/strollerinthecity

    • Anna Novak - @annanovak
      Anna Novak - @annanovak

      Name: Anna Novak
      Instagram: @annanovak
      Blog/Organization: riverunion.com
      Location: New York State
      Theme: Photography, Lifestyle

      Why We Love It: As a photographer and co-owner of River Union, a company that produces hand crafted adornments for events, this New York State mom is a master of refinement. Her impeccable photos showcase her lovely family and her knack for making everyday moments a work of art.

      Photo via instagram.com/annanovak

    • Ilana Wiles - @mommyshorts
      Ilana Wiles - @mommyshorts

      Name: Ilana Wiles
      Instagram: @mommyshorts
      Blog/Organization: mommyshorts.com
      Location: New York City
      Theme: Lifestyle

      Why We Love It: Documenting her families life in downtown Manhattan on both her blog, Mommy Shorts, and her Instagram is a full time job for Ilana Wiles. A job she does so well that she has her own show called “The Mommy Show” where she interviews celebrities such as Julianne Moore and Jim Gaffigan (both former NYF cover parents) in her home while taking care of her two daughters, Mazzy and Harlow (who actually both have their own instagram accounts curated by their fab mama).

      Photo via instagram.com/mommyshorts

    • Cynthia Rowley - @cynthia_rowley
      Cynthia Rowley - @cynthia_rowley

      Name: Cynthia Rowley
      Instagram: @cynthia_rowley
      Blog/Organization: Designer of Cynthia Rowley (cynthiarowley.com)
      Location: New York City

      Theme: Fashion, Lifestyle

      Why We Love It: Not only do we love Cynthia Rowley’s brand and fashion designs, but we love the moments she shares with her husband and her two daughters. Follow her on Instagram for exclusive looks at her clothing, her inspiration, and her life.

      Photo via instagram.com/cynthia_rowley

    • Gabriela Perezutti Hearst - @gabrielaperezutti
      Gabriela Perezutti Hearst - @gabrielaperezutti

      Name: Gabriela Perezutti Hearst
      Instagram: @gabrielaperezutti
      Blog/Organization: Founder of Candela NYC
      Location: New York City
      Theme: Fashion, Lifestyle

      Why We Love It: Gabriella Perezutti Hearst leads a stylish life. She’s the founder of NYC based women’s fashion company, Candela, and lives with her husband, Austin Hearst, and their twin daughters in a beautiful West Village townhouse.

      Photo via instagram.com/gabrielaperezutti

    • Maryam Nassirzadeh - @maryam_nassir_zadeh
      Maryam Nassirzadeh - @maryam_nassir_zadeh

      Name: Maryam Nassirzadeh
      Instagram: @maryam_nassir_zadeh
      Blog/Organization: Part-Owner of Maryam Nassir Zadeh (mnzstore.com)
      Location: New York City
      Theme: Fashion

      Why We Love It: She’s not a regular mom, she’s a cool mom. Maryam Nassir Zadeh, stylist and part owner of the Lower East Side boutique named after her, shares not only fashion inspiration on her Instagram, but also shares personal moments with her two daughters and husband.

      Photo via instagram.com/maryam_nassir_zadeh

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