• In Mom’s Shoes

    A Manhattan toddler discovers the thrill of stepping into a pair of high heels.

    By Elle Belle

    Dream: I am walking down the street in my diaper, tutu, signature bow, and Mommy’s high heels. Ever since I have started dressing myself, I look totally fab. The heels slow down my pace a bit but it’s worth it for all the extra attention and ooohs and aaahs I get as I strut my stuff. Elle Macpherson better watch out for Elle Belle.

    Reality: Mommy and I are happily playing in my room when all of a sudden she tells me it is time to get dressed. “No way!” I say, and the chase begins. See, until now, our routine has consisted of Mommy giving me two outfit choices and me picking the winner. But lately her choices haven’t been up to my standards. Personally, I prefer either to be nudie-kins–sporting nothing but my diaper–or decking myself out in my Abby Cadabby dress-up outfit.

    Mommy repeats that I need to get dressed. So we go back into my room and this time she asks me what color I want to wear. My answer is the same as it is every day: blue. I heard that daddy went for one whole year wearing only red, and since I have inherited his competitive spirit, I’ve decided I will wear only blue for as long as possible.

    Mommy shows me an outfit with blue and purple and one with blue and green. I pick the blue and purple one but as she puts it on, I see it just doesn’t flatter my figure. I pull it off and cry, “No!” So Mommy reaches for the second option, which I already said no to, and puts it on. I protest with a louder “No!,” pull the shirt off, and throw it across the room. Mommy is totally letting me win as I see her fetch two more blue outfit options. I start to settle for a cute blue and white number when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I spot the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen. They have a bow on top, silver sparkles throughout, and big heels. Wow!

    I race over to admire them. My feet slip right inside and I feel like Cinderella. They are just right! I start delicately walking and am unsteady at first but slowly but surely get my groove, parading around like I’m on a catwalk. And I distracted Mommy from dressing me so much that she fetched the camera. She starts taking pictures and the flash is going crazy. I feel like a supermodel.

    I love all shoes but I really love my new shoes. Now I’m ready to get dressed and go on an adventure! I run back to Mommy and ask her to put the rest of my outfit on. Then I strut to the door and say, “Go, go go!” Mommy looks at me and tries to hide her smile but I can see it. She tries to give me two other shoe options in my own size instead of a pair of Mommy’s grown-up shoes, including a pair of blue shoes, but I give her an emphatic “No!” (Smart thinking, but no thanks, Mommy.) I remember that in my book, “Cinderella,” it said one shoe can change your life, and now I totally get it. But Mommy doesn’t get it. And the next chase begins.

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