• Elle Belle Takes A Sweeter-Than-Sweet Trip To Hershey, PA

    Our littlest blogger loves the “Sweetest Place on Earth”

    By Elle Belle

    img_1526This sweet little lady had the most terrific and tasty trip to the sweetest place on earth – Hershey, PA! It was a delicious adventure filled with smiles and chocolate everywhere.

    I arrived at the Hotel Hershey and it felt just like home. Mommy and Daddy loved that the Hotel Hershey is one of the Historic Hotels of America with its refined service and amenities. But I loved exploring the vast property filled with sweet stuff: Indoor and outdoor swimming, a Cocoa Clubhouse for kids, a lawn with life-size games (Connect Four and Checkers and puzzles), sweet shops, an entire sports complex, Segway tours, falconry and much more! It was a sweet sensation.

    From the moment we arrived there was a sweet smell of chocolate in the air. And we arrived just in time for the Kids’ Check-In, to meet a Hershey chocolate character and gets lots of kisses – chocolate kisses that is! I loved the beautiful property with its gorgeous gardens, fancy fountains and family fun around each sweet turn. There was something for kids of all ages.

    There was nonstop fun at the pool. From water fountains and water sprayers to two, large twisty slides, it was a sweet recipe for adventure. The family pool had zero-grade entry so even my teeny tiny sister could walk and swim. She also loved the kiddie spray deck to splash and play all day. And I loved exploring and playing in the pool and then running back inside to visit with my new and favorite Hershey friends’ characters during their appearances.

    Mommy and Daddy loved the infinity edge adult pool and whirlpool for relaxing on a lounge chair while sipping chocolate martinis and chocolate covered strawberry margaritas before a of golf or spa indulgence. Mommy said that the Spa at Hotel Hershey, also known as the Chocolate Spa, uses approximately 100 lbs of Hershey’s Coca Powder a year for its patented treatment, the Whipped Cocoa Bath. I can’t wait until I am old enough to check it out myself. Yum!

    Speaking of yum, the whole family loved the breakfast buffet and fine dining at the Circular. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed chocolate bread pudding and omelets while I loved the Hersey Kiss waffle and chocolate chip pancakes. My sister and I enjoyed the kickin’ kids menu complete with chocolate milk in the cutest kid’s cups and delicious desserts. Trevi 5 was my favorite spot at the hotel for dinner, featuring Italian dishes and my most favorite pastas and pizzas. And after a delectable dinner, don’t miss the chocolate cream pie for dessert. There’s a good reason why The Hotel Hershey serves nearly 5,000 orders of this signature dessert each year.

    The fun kept going all night, too. I played chocolate bingo and glow golf and topped off the evening roasting s’mores. There were kid size rocking chairs next to Mommy size ones so we could relax and roast our marshmallows at the family fire pit together. How sweet and snuggly!

    picture-hpflume-20160903-0006375Our biggest adventures were off the hotel property in the larger Hershey complex. After exploring the hotel, our first stop was a walk to Hershey Gardens. It was simply beautiful. My most favorite part was visiting the Butterfly Atrium and walking among hundreds of butterflies in a lush tropical setting. Everywhere I looked from the floor to the ceiling, I found butterflies in all colors and sizes.  I wish I could live with the 400 butterflies that are in the Butterfly House at Hershey Gardens each year during peak season.

    My visit to Hersheypark was epic! It was fun-filled with endless rides, shows, zoo animals, and more! Once I found my height category and knew I was a Hershey Kiss I could easily find all the 40+ best rides that were just right for me. My favorites were the Swing Thing and Lady Bug and the Coal Cracker! This little thrill seeker wasn’t afraid of anything. I also loved my sweet moments,  greeting the Hershey Bar at the carousel and flying up to the top of the Kissing Tower. I can’t wait to go back and do even more next time and contribute to the sweet 25 million total rides taken in Hersheypark every year.

    And it was a whole new world of wonders for us at Hershey’s Chocolate World. My first and favorite stop was inside the chocolate factory to Create Your Own Candy Bar. I engineered my custom Hershey bar picking white chocolate and cookie fillings, adding sprinkles on top and topping it off by designing my own wrapper. Then it was off to a delish chocolate tasting,  phenomenal, interactive 4D movie, visit to the bountiful bakery, and meet and greets with the characters. And I finished my day and loved the all-new Hershey’s Chocolate Tour ride to learn how chocolate is made from bean to bar. I immersed all of my senses in the tasting and tours at Chocolate World!

    After lots of excitement and activity, I was ready to come home to find Hershey Kisses left on my pillow at turn-down and then cozy up at night with my new Hershey Kiss doll. And it was sweet dreams for this little chocolate lover.

    My family made so many sweet memories to cherish at the “Sweetest Place on Earth!”

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