• Children’s Art Tour At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art This Saturday

    Join ArtXplorers on a fantastic adventure with “Monsters, Dragons and Other Mythological and Fantastical Creatures.”

    By Natasha Schlesinger

    Did you know that there are many mythical creatures hiding out at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? My adventurous art tours for children, ArtXplorers, will take kids on a journey to find some of these amazing beings and their unique histories, from French dragons to African Masks to the ancient Greek story of Perseus and Medusa. We will discover some fantastical creatures from ancient Greek, Mexican, African, and Assyrian lore, and end the tour with a kids’ art project in which we make our very own mythical creatures.

    So in between helping our city recover from Hurricane Sandy this weekend, why not take a quick break with your family this Saturday and come along on an art tour? It will give your children a chance to relax, take in some culture, and learn about the wonders of worlds and myths beyond our own.

    Monsters, Dragons and Other Mythological and Fantastical Creatures
    November 10, 2:30-3:45 pm
    Museum of Art
    Fifth Avenue and
    82nd street
    Appropriate for ages 4-9
    $60 per child/parent
    RSVP to ns@artmuseny.com

    Natasha Schlesinger is an award-winning art historian and New York City mother of three: Sophia 15, Julian, 12, and Annabelle, 10). Eleven years ago, Natasha founded ArtMuse, which offers interactive and engaging thematic art tours for kids and adults to museums and art galleries in New York, Paris, London, Rome, and Florence. She is also a co-founder of ArtXplorers, a multi-media platform that brings art to kids through virtual art tours and arts and crafts videos as well as developing products.


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