• Birthday Ideas Of The Week: Go For The Gold

    Olympic-Style Fun And Games At 74th St. MAGIC, SportimeNY, Jodi’s Gym, The JCC, Gaga Center, And Bounce and Flip.

    By New York Family


    The 2012 Olympics had every kid in the country dreaming of gold. So why not throw a party for your little Olympians-in-training? At 74th St. MAGIC, party coaches engage and inspire your kids to tumble, bounce, swing, and soar through the gym on a zipline. Check out SportimeNY, where kids can compete in a wide range of their favorite Olympic games, even swimming. Gymnastics is the main event at Jodi’s Gym, where budding tumblers can swing on bars, prance on balance beams, tumble, climb, and stretch their way to birthday party gold. Trained coaches at The JCC in Manhattan will lead your birthday band of kids ages 3-12 in their choice of any sport, including baseball, basketball, gymnastics, soccer, hockey, tennis, or golf. Or consider founding your own Olympic Birthday sport at The Gaga Center, where little athletes play rousing games in which they strike, dive, jump, and twist in a high-energy take on dodgeball. Plus, starting this month, Bounce and Flip—a 3,000-square-foot gymnastics facility—will welcome children ages 2-17 years to a birthday big on tumbling and gymnastics fun.

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