• Best Of The Web: February 8-14

    Our Weekly Roundup Of Articles We Love

    Contributors: Sharon
    Beesley, Meghan Gearino, Elizabeth Raymond

    Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued
    our interest. Enjoy! —

    GO GIANTS! Check out how Park
    celebrated another NY Super Bowl win! (Park Slope Patch)

    The French aren’t just more fashionable than we are, they
    are also better
    parents in some ways
    ! Find out what you can learn from them–and how you
    can make parenting more of a pleasure. (The Wall Street Journal)

    As if Harry
    needs any more problems on his plate. Doctors have now diagnosed his
    constant head pains as nummular headaches. (MSNBC)

    Was travel and adventure on your list of New Years resolutions?
    Check out these
    10 Incredible New Adventures for 2012
    –including kid-friendly trips! (USA Today)

    Oh, kids these days! Studies have shown that high schoolers
    are actually participating
    in less risky behavior
    Surprised? (NY Times)

    halftime show angers parents…yet again
    . The Parents Television Council is
    lashing out at NBC, the NFL and M.I.A. on Sunday’s very blatant flip slip. (TMZ)

    Claire McCarthy, M.D., weighs the pros
    and cons
    of getting her 11-year-old daughter a cell phone. (The Huffington Post)

    Candy-free fun may not be your kids’ idea of a sweet time,
    but we promise they won’t miss the sugar if they have this adorable DIY Valentine
    Fortune Teller
    . (Design Mom)

    Gwyneth Paltrow admits to being a very hands-on parent—even
    bathing with her kids
    ! Is that weird? (Harper’s Bazaar)

    Would you let a Facebook poll choose
    your baby name for you
    ? An Illinois
    couple did just that when they had decided on a boy’s name…but had a girl. (Babble)