• Best Of The Web: April 18-24

    Our Weekly Roundup Of Articles We Love

    Contributors: Meghan
    Gearino and Elizabeth Raymond

    Here’s a weekly roundup of parenting articles that piqued
    our interest. Enjoy! —

    Sparked by Hilary Rosen’s recent comment that Ann Romney
    knows nothing about women’s economic struggles because she has “never worked a
    day in her life,” the “mommy wars” appear to continue. In America,
    it seems a mother’s reason for working outside of the home still has
    to be explained and defended
    , if it’s not out of financial necessity. (Mom-101)

    Many think of autism as a childhood disorder, but what
    happens when these kids grow up? Hear one man’s (a father of three autistic
    boys) account
    of meeting and helping an adult with autism
    . (CNN)

    Mommy blogs are becoming increasingly popular. Dooce blogger
    Heather Armstrong shares her DOs
    and DON’Ts
    about the blogging world. (The
    Today Show

    It’s never too early to get your baby started on the
    classics…or is it? Check out these
    classic book adaptations
    made just for babies. (lilsugar.com)

    Searching for the American dream outside of America.
    Read about these children
    of immigrants
    returning to their families’ homelands in search of better,
    and more exciting, job opportunities. (New
    York Times

    Lenore Skenazy’s new show, “World’s
    Worst Mom,”
    takes her inside the homes of families with overprotective
    parents. See how she presents them with challenges to break their overbearing
    ways. (Free-Range Kids)

    Check out this
    with Mariska Hargitay about the wonderful decision she made to
    adopt not one, but two more children, and the long road it took to get there. (People Magazine)

    Check out how much this amazing 6-year-old
    raised through a lemonade stand
    to help his sick dad. Quite an ambitious
    youngster! (The Huffington Post)

    If it were up to them, how would your kids like to be spoken
    to? Watch this awesome clip and find out—straight from the mouths of
    . (YouTube)

    Are the city’s most troubled kids falling between the cracks
    as a result of the state’s education reform policies? Here’s one
    opinion on the matter
    . (New York Times)

    And just for fun, 10
    bright and bold kicks for spring—for moms
    ! (Babble)