• Our Guide To The Best Breast Pumps Of 2017

    A selective guide to the best breast pumps on the market for 2017

    By Mia Weber

    It’s time to get pumped up about the year’s hottest breast pumps! Have questions about feeding gear? Fret not—our annual guide to the best breast pumps has everything you need to weather the feeding frenzy in fine fashion!

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    • Ameda Purely Yours CarryAll Breast Pump
      Ameda Purely Yours CarryAll Breast Pump

      The Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection System, included with this pump, is the only breast pump kit with an FDA-cleared proven protective barrier. Proven Airlock Protection keeps tubing dry by preventing air flow between the expressed milk and pump tubing while pumping so milk stays safe. $179-199, ameda.com

    • Dr. Brown’s Manual Breast Pump
      Dr. Brown’s Manual Breast Pump

      The patented Gentle Compression Technology of the Dr. Brown’s Manual Breast Pump is designed to help minimize tugging and pinching. The Super-Soft BabyFace Flexible Breastcup gently puffs in and out to emulate baby’s mouth, tongue, and jaw action, designed to create a comfortable pumping experience for mom. The pump is BPA-free and dishwasher safe. $34.99, drbrownsbaby.com

    • Evenflo Feeding Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump
      Evenflo Feeding Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump

      Not only does Evenflo’s Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump come with three of the most important features—a closed system, independent speed and suction control and multiple flange sizes—it also includes free online breast pumping classes with an IBCLC. Powered via cord or battery, the pump is great for use at home or at the office. This breast pump is a win, win as it retails for a great value as well. $99, evenflofeeding.com

    • Hygeia EnJoye LBI Breast Pump with Deluxe Tote Set
      Hygeia EnJoye LBI Breast Pump with Deluxe Tote Set

      Designed for long-term and frequent pumping when battery pumping is required, the EnJoye is a hospital-grade performing, personal-use, double electric breast pump. It mimics baby’s suckling patterns with customizable speed and pressure controls. All pump parts that come into contact with breast milk are BPA- and DEHP-free. $279, hygeiainc.com

    • Lansinoh Smartpump Double Electric Breastpump
      Lansinoh Smartpump Double Electric Breastpump

      The Smartpump connects Lansinoh’s pump technology to your smartphone via Bluetooth using the free Lansinoh Baby app for track pumping sessions, baby’s activities, and more. This pump offers three customizable pumping styles to mimic baby’s natural feeding pattern to maximize milk production and comfort. A hygienic closed system design guarantees no milk backup in tubing or motor for easier cleaning. You also get two sizes of ComfortFit flanges, a cooler bag with ice pack, four bottles, two bottle stands, and a carrying tote. $199.99, shop.lansinoh.com

    • Medela Sonata
      Medela Sonata

      Sonata is a smart breast pump offering hospital-level performance in a personal-use breast pump. It connects to the MyMedela app to track baby’s activities and get unlimited access to clinically-proven support and tips. MyMedela pairs with Sonata to record pumping sessions, including the phase, rhythm, and suction level. Through the app, mom receives encouragement based on her goals, as well as real-time notifications directly to her smart phone, reminding her to charge her breast pump or complete a pump session. Sonata is also the quietest Medela pump ever, and weighs just 2 lbs. $399.99, medela.com

    • NUK Simply Natural Freemie Cups
      NUK Simply Natural Freemie Cups

      The Simply Natural Freemie Collection Cups (which are compatible with most leading double electric breastpumps) are a discreet pumping accessory that allow moms to pump hands-free, under their clothes. The Freemie cups allow moms to pump on their own terms, any time and any place. The cups fit snugly under a bra and feature a concealable design—mom can easily place cups inside bra and connect to a pump, pump directly into cups, then pour into storage containers. Two Collection Cups, one Connection Kit, and four Funnels, $59.99; nuk-usa.com

    • Philips Avent Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump
      Philips Avent Comfort Double Electric Breast Pump

      This BPA-free double electric pump has a unique design that lets moms to pump in an upright position, allowing a comfortable pumping experience. The innovative massage petals in the soft breast cushion mimic baby’s natural sucking to help stimulate letdown and milk flow. Plus, this pump makes it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding. $199, philips.us/avent

    • Willow Breast Pump
      Willow Breast Pump

      Due to officially hit shelves this spring, Willow is changing the pumping game. Willow is the first all-in-one breast pump that fits easily inside a bra—it’s mobile, discreet, and hands-free. Willow’s design reimagines the breast pump so that women no longer need to be tethered to the wall and undressed while they pump. Willow is connected to an app that tracks milk volume and time, as well as past pumping trends. willowpump.com

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