The 6 Best Spring Sports for NYC Kids

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The Best Spring Sports for NYC Kids

The flowers are starting to bloom, the weather is getting a little warmer and spring sports are about to start up once again! Playing a sport during the spring is a great excuse to get your kids out of the house after a long cold winter and will help them connect with other kids and make new friends. Luckily, NYC has a variety of spring sports programs that kids can try out this year!

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Run, hit, swing and have fun while playing baseball this Spring! This popular sport will not only make for a fun outdoor activity, but it will teach your kids about patience and how you have to be attentive and focused. The Baseball Center NYC and Manhattan Babe Ruth League are a couple of the many programs that are offered around the city that your kids will love going to!


If you need a sport that will let your kids burn off some serious steam, then lacrosse might be the sport for them! This is a fast-growing sport that will give your kids a little challenge while playing. If you’re looking for programs to sign your kids up for, Brooklyn Lacrosse is a great option to look into.


If you are looking for a sport that will give your kids a full-body workout and that will make their hand-eye coordination even better, look to tennis. This sport will teach your kids so many new skills while also having a great time with their team or friends! Advantage Tennis has many great programs throughout the city that you can sign your kids up for, for whatever age group or skill level they have.


When people think of sports to sign their kids up for, very rarely do they automatically think of volleyball. This sport however is a great option, especially those that are just getting into sports and are good at working as a team. HOT Volleyball NYC and Big City Volleyball are only a couple of programs offered around the city that are perfect for kids of all ages!


Soccer is one of the most popular spring sports for kids to play growing up and is one of the best ways to stay active. Even though there are many soccer programs that are offered inside during the winter, nothing is better than playing outside in the Spring! If you are looking for the best soccer programs around the city make sure to check out our roundup!


Not only does basketball improve flexibility and endurance, but is also a ball of fun! Let your kids burn off some energy while learning new skills are the many basketball programs that are offered around the city.