Yorkville | The Youth Sports Organization That Puts Community First

yorkville kids holding up trophies

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As parents, we know how important sports are for our kiddos as they develop self-confidence, learn to work with others, and of course, use up some of that seemingly never-ending energy! But with the oh-so-many options for sports in New York, it can be difficult to choose one. Even if you can narrow it down to your little one’s favorite sport, where do you start looking? And how do you know that it’ll be a good fit for your family? We’re here to help with our go-to recommendation for youth sports in New York: Yorkville Youth Athletic Association!  

With all this talk about the many options for sports, it’s hard to believe that just a few decades ago there were just a fraction of these opportunities for kids in New York. A bit of history: in 1968, Yorkville saw a real need for sports, and that’s how it all began: first with just baseball. Now we know Yorkville as a top-tier youth athletic organization that offers more than 10 programs every season. From volleyball to golf, soccer to lacrosse, tennis to basketball, Yorkville has something for everyone. And did we mention that Yorkville serves more than 6,000 kids every year? That’s right: Yorkville is very popular. 

yorkville kids playing flag football

What we love about Yorkville that really sets it apart from other youth organizations in New York is its community focus and involvement. You may have already seen kids in Yorkville uniforms, with their mom or dad wearing a Yorkville coach’s shirt, hurrying off to a little league game in Central Park, Randall’s Island, or Marx Brothers Field. Yorkville isn’t only a community for your children– it’s for parents too. Thousands of New York parents have happy memories of cheering on and coaching their children in Yorkville’s recreational leagues. And if you’re looking to meet more New York parents as your little one also makes new friends, it is more than do-able on Yorkville fields, courts, and in the gyms. You’ll even see parents who played with Yorkville when they were younger proudly volunteering now as Yorkville coaches. 

It’s not every day that you come across a growing organization that somehow also feels both like a community and a family. That’s why, we had to give you the scoop on this youth sports organization that has a long tradition of being a community hub where families come together to play, learn, and above all, have fun! Sportsmanship and teamwork are also top priorities for Yorkville, which means your kids will not only grow individually, but as part of a larger, tight-knit community that will continually bring out their best selves. 

Yorkville kids and coaches with trophies

And we can’t mention Yorkville without letting you know how this amazing organization gives back. Through Yorkville scholarships, kids who would otherwise not have the opportunity to participate in sports are able to get involved. Yorkville also has partnerships with local organizations and works closely with schools to address the needs of families through its programming. Yorkville listens to us as community members and New York parents —points for that!

It’s not surprising that Yorkville’s slogan is “Competition. Camaraderie. Community.” Creating a small-town experience in a big city, Yorkville is ready for your family to join their community. Want to learn more? Check out the Yorkville Youth Athletic Association at yyaa.org or watch their video to get a better idea of what sports with Yorkville look like!