The Best Spots for Family Summer Travel

The Best Spots for Family Summer Travel

The Best Spots for Family Summer Travel

It is officially Summer! And what better way to enjoy summer than to travel? Before you say, well, it may be too late to plan something. Let’s remember that we live in New York! We have gorgeous towns that scream Family Road Trip, hotels in our city that are a vacation in themselves, amusement parks, water parks, and world-famous museums in the city and nearby.

Another biggie is that we are a major hub with some of the largest airports- there are three major airports, two cruise ports, and our trusty train stations.

Of course, we all love to go away and have new experiences, but let’s be real: traveling with kids has its challenges. Whether traveling with young children or kids of all ages, the word “vacation” can be a loose term. Our curated trips are perfect for young kids, kids of all ages, solo travel, and nearby getaways -all geared for parents and families.

So, yes, take the trip. Gas prices are lower than a few years ago. Look into the deals many airlines offer and plan away.

PsstRethinking the Family Vacation: Intentional Travel (a new kind of trip)

Stay in the City

Many of us ‘locals’ rediscovered the benefits of staycations from the early days when the pandemic lockdown lifted. It was a lovely reminder that people come here, and we live here, the city that never sleeps.

We have epic hotels -some that offer local discounts. If you don’t want to book a hotel stay but want some of the perks a hotel provides, many offer day passes to their pool. Yes, work remotely while you sip on a cocktail (we won’t tell) while the kids are at camp, or spend the day with the kids and splash away at a posh pool for a ‘day-cation.’


The TWA Hotel is perfect if you are looking for a staycation that is only a subway (and AirTran) away. The vibe is Mad Men, but don’t let the martinis fool you- this hotel has family in mind with its nooks of fun and rooftop pool, making for the perfect city “getaway.”

It looks like we are in for a hot summer, and these Family-Friendly Hotel Pools are a way to stay cool and allow the family to explore an unfamiliar neighborhood!

Nearby Getaways

Travel isn’t always a two-week trip. Short trips can also do wonders for the soul and family, especially since we have the privilege of living in one of the country’s best cities. There is an endless cache of nearby weekend getaways or longer adventures to Lake George or Central Massachusetts. Essentially, we have a steady list of travel opportunities on our coast.

The waterparks in and near New York are like no other. There truly is a waterpark experience that will not only be memorable for the family, like Camelback Resort and The Kartrite Resort & Indoor Waterpark; it is the ultimate summer experience.

PsstTips for Taking Kids to the Water Park

Travel Far

When the budget is in sync and you are ready to plan the trip- traveling abroad can be great for families for several reasons.

Education is one of them, from exploring historical sites to museums. Seeing how other cultures live, eating new foods, and learning to adapt to a new area while many of us walk in New York- did you know that biking is the most popular mode of transportation in Amsterdam?

The kids may even learn a few new words in the language of the country you’re visiting. This break from routine not only bonds families but also introduces a new understanding of how vast our world is when traveling afar. Whether you’re exploring St. Lucia at The Landings Resort & Spa, Paris, a Carnival Cruise, or Barbados, we’ve got you covered!


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Basketball City

<p>Beginning June 2024, Basketball City will be running a full weekly schedule of Summer</p> <p>Basketball Camps. We will have our professional staff of coaches teaching your kids weekly.</p> <p>Our camps are designed to teach kids the skills they need to become a better basketball player</p> <p>by using specific drills and fitness work that focus on the fundamentals of the game in a fun,</p> <p>safe and inclusive environment.  The camps run weekly varying in time and the number of days</p> <p>for ages 6-17. We have 3-, 4- & 5-day options with times ranging from 9-4pm or 9-3pm. Every</p> <p>camper will receive a jersey once they are registered and arrive. We are limiting the number of</p> <p>camp participants each week to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your children. The</p> <p>limited number of campers will also ensure that your child receives individual attention needed</p> <p>to improve their basketball skills. Our camps in the past typically include current and past NBA</p> <p>players and a collaboration with the Jr. Knicks, the National Basketball Players Association, as</p> <p>well as 5 Star Basketball, and our ever-popular Basketball City FUNdamentals Camp along with</p> <p>our Jr. NBA/NBA Cares NBA Draft/Skills Challenge Camp with future NBA talent.</p>

Collina Italiana, The Italian Language and Cultural Center

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