The Best Gifts for Dad: Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Dad holiday gifts
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The Best Gifts for Dad: Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Dad is so much fun to surprise! In fact, he’s usually more surprised than anyone by all the holiday gifts he purchased come Christmas morning. Let’s be real; Mom is usually the one who carries the heavy load of holiday chores, while Dad stays out of it. When it comes to picking out gifts, that might be a good thing. Until it’s time to pick HIS gift.

Dad doesn’t have to be hard to shop for! You just have to get into his head a little and think of what he likes. Whether he’s a gadget guy, a fitness fanatic, a sports buff, likes to cook and entertain, or whatever he’s into, there is a perfect gift out there with his name on it. Here are some of our favorite holiday gifts for Dad that he is sure to love!





Even dad isn’t crazy enough to go for a run without bringing the necessities along! The flip belt comfortably sits on the waist and has 360 degrees of pocket space so holding keys, a phone, and anything else he might need. We love that it also comes in athletic running shorts too! $34. FlipBelt.


Dad gift guuide 2023

SideTrak’s Swivel FHD Portable Monitor

Now that so many people are working remotely, it’s important to have all the tools and latest technologies to maximize productivity at home. This innovative little gadget doubles screen space, so dad can work comfortably from his laptop or tablet on the couch with the game or his favorite show on in the background. The full HD portable monitor offers crisp 1920 x 1080 resolution, an exclusive 360° swivel hinge and 270° screen rotation and attaches seamlessly to any laptop with a hidden magnetic plate. $319.99. SideTrak.


Future Fans

Technically this is a gift for the kids, but dad will love it just as much, if not more. Future Fans teaches kids ages 4-10 the basic principles of sports in an easy, understandable and fun way by embedding core concepts of the game into stories, games, toys, and rhymes. Currently, their football kit is available; soccer, basketball, hockey, baseball and tennis kits are coming soon. $59.99. Future Fans.



Lucyd Smart Eyewear

For the gadget lover, Lucyd eyewear offers the convenience of headphones – without the headphones! Style meets function with a wide range of sunglasses and prescription glasses, and high-quality sound offering a sleek solution for music lovers. These are the first smart glasses with instant voice access to ChatGPT. You know Dad is going to be showing these off to all his fellow gadget-loving pals. From $69.99. Lucyd.



The Overlander

Dads like to be prepared for anything. Built upon the nearly indestructible YETI GoBox 15, the Overlander is a weather-proof, space-optimized kit that includes all the tools to prepare the truck, car, ATV, RV, or Overlanding rig for whatever lies ahead. It includes high quality emergency items like a convertible shovel, flashlight, First Aid Pro first aid kit, the new Zeus Pro portable jump starter and charger, Extractor tow strap and more. All of the items mentioned above – the First Aid Pro, Zeus Pro portable jump starter and charger, Extractor, convertible shovel and flashlight – can be sold separately for those looking to create their own kit. $449.99. Uncharted Supply Co.



chili pepper growing kit

Chili Pepper Windowsill Planter

Dads who like their dishes with a kick can now grow their own spicy chili peppers from the kitchen! Back to the Roots, an innovative and beginner friendly gardening company offers a variety of different sustainable, educational and fun products that everyone in the family can enjoy, including organic mushroom growing kits,  a complete hydroponic grow kit, among others. $29.99. Back to the Roots



Yaber Smart Projectors

For the dad who likes to entertain, these projectors will elevate any casual gathering to a full on party. Dad can offer his guests a movie theater experience or to watch the big game on a big screen with Yaber Smart Projectors. From $139.99. Yaber.



ProXR Premium Pickleball Paddles

The pickleball craze continues to sweep the nation and Dad is not immune! In fact, he might even be able to play like pros Zane Navratil and Connor Garnett with ProXR’s limited edition paddles. “The Standard” version features a shorter, standard-length handle and wider face, along with a T700 Ultra-Raw Carbon face for unmatched spin and a Shock Foam Edge Guard for more consistency. $209.99. ProXR Pickleball.



Drinkmate InstaFizz

For the soda-loving dads who love a little fizziness, Drinkmate lets you carbonate any cold drink you want. Experiment with sparkling all kinds of cold beverages, while keeping sugar intake on your own terms. From sports drinks, water, juice, tea, and Gatorade, instaFizz adds sparkle with a simple twist. $44.99. Drinkmate


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