Tasheena Carmona of Who Wore What

Tasheena Carmona
Photo by Yumi Matsuo

Tasheena Carmona of Who Wore What

New York-style is reemerging. After being indoors for so long, some of us have felt a bit lost since having to get dressed again. Sure during quarantine, many of us were behind a desk at home in our sweats, and frankly, it felt pretty darn good and comfortable. But now, with New York safely and cautiously getting back to some normalcy, fashion is looking extra. This is why we looked to Tasheena Carmona and her children for style inspiration and guidance for our August cover. 

Firstly, I admire Tasheena; besides her easy-going nature (we prepped for our shoot on the corner of Soho at a Starbucks), she is undoubtedly a fashion expert; yet she has fun with clothes. All one has to do is look at this mother’s (of 4!) popular IG, Who What Wear Mini, and not only admire her family’s insane style but appreciate that she does most of it by mixing thrift and vintage finds with store brands to match each of her kid’s personalities. 

Married to her high school sweetheart, this mom focuses on work, kids, and maintaining a solid family unit. And with four kids that range from ages 4 to 15, she is busy. She also possesses a wealth of tips and knowledge on why shopping for kids for Back To School doesn’t have to break the bank.

You have four kids(!), and you seem to be organized, with pretty cool and intelligent children; how do you do it?

Prayer, meditation, and yoga! All three play a big part in my life. It’s very important to me. It is easy to get lost in the day-to-day, so this helps. At times my husband and I sit back in disbelief that we have four kids. It seems like yesterday I was giving birth to my firstborn, my son Jacob. Now fast forward 15 years, and here we are with four children Jacob 15, Bella, 12; Jagger, 7; and Fohr, age 4. Love our party of six. 

My two oldest take after my husband. Very cool and chill about everything. The two youngest are a whole different story. They take after me, sassy pants, true Leos! I’ll leave that there. 

We’re blessed beyond words to have such cool, intelligent, loving, and compassionate kids. I seriously pinch myself daily. Things do get a little hectic at times, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You married your high school sweetheart. You have a tight-knit family that spends a lot of time together. With four kids, how do you juggle time together as well as everyone’s schedule?

I met my husband in high school. We had mutual friends, so we would see each other and started dating my junior year, and we’ve been together ever since. After dating for 11 years, he decided to pop the question. Fast forward 22 years, I can’t see life without him—the best dad to our children. When we got married, we didn’t have kids. Since becoming a parent, I’ve always dreamed of having a ceremony on the beach just for the kids and us. We’re planning to renew our vows with them next year. Our youngest Fohr is obsessed with sharing our vows again; it is important for them to feel and see our love.  

As far as scheduling, the struggle is real when it comes down to juggling everyone’s schedule. I usually handle all the school stuff, appointments, etc., and then my husband and I usually split up the extracurricular activities. I don’t know what I would do without him.

You have a strong background in fashion and focus on styling kids; what is it about styling children you love?

I never considered children’s fashion until I had my kids. The agency that I was working for as an assistant, the stylists were not styling children. While out on maternity leave, I knew coming back I wanted more- I would buy all the major children’s fashion magazines. I would do test shoots with my son. He let me do my thing until the age of 10. Now he knows it all, lol. Children’s styling is so much fun, and I meet so many amazing, smart, cool kids. When styling a client, I love to feed off their energy. I make it easy and fun. That’s what fashion for kids should be.

I was always heavy on sustainable fashion and knew I wanted to incorporate it into everything. Growing up, every weekend, my grandmother would take me to the local flea markets. We’d drive around to the rich neighborhoods searching for yard sales. She taught me how to look for timeless pieces. I’m happy I get to continue this tradition with my kids. The whole family has a passion for vintage, and I love it. 

Tasheena Carmona
Photo by Yumi Matsuo

You love mixing high and low when it comes to shopping for kids’ clothes. You are also a big thrifter. How do you shop for four kids, and what tips can you share on saving money, especially with back-to-school around the corner?

My family wears 90 Percent sustainable clothing—I thrift maybe four times a week. I always bring the kids along. It’s important that they love what they wear. It’s so easy to become a hoarder, so I try to buy only what we need! Denim is always something you could save on with multiple kids. You could do so much. I saved all my denim, oxfords, polos, blazers, and jackets from my son for my girls. I made shorts for the summer; some pairs are great for the baggy boyfriend jeans look. Oversized Oxford shirts are always good. Great for beach cover-ups as well as smocks for painting. I highly recommend going through what you have before you buy anything. I spend the most money on footwear. It’s something they wear the most. Comfort and style are key for my kids.

Your girls are sweet and kind; I grew up with sisters, so of course, I know there is real life, but how do you spend time with each one individually while keeping them united?

Each girl has different interests. My oldest Bella and I share a love for the ocean- we love sunset and sunrise. Mommy and me dates at the beach. Collecting seashells and meditation by the water is our thing. Jagger is my art child. The perfect date for her is when we set up our easels in the yard. We capture the blooming flowers. Fohr, my baby- she hit the ground running since birth. She’s such a girly girl and donut lover with a big heart. The funny thing is when I take each one out on solo dates; they always want to bring something back for the siblings. They all love when the family is all together. My husband is always working; our family time is everything to us.

Time to get some insider tips! Favorite vintage shops in NYC and online?

Brooklyn Flea Market: They have everything Great Food and Vintage one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Parachute Brooklyn, 151 Norman Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222: Children’s Vintage/Consignment shop. I always find great pieces here. 

Goodwill Stores: Always a must for the whole family

Rad Vintage Kids: I met at Brooklyn Flea Market. She always has classic children’s pieces that I could never find myself.

Your Local Thrift shops in your town:  Hidden gems

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