Scoop: iCanMandarin Offers Free, Fun & Interactive Chinese Lessons

Prominent families are spending a fortune for their kids and grandchildren to take up learning Chinese. They know Chinese language skills open the door for their kids’ future success.

Now you can get the same opportunity for your child. They can start speaking Chinese from day one with iCanMandarin—and you don’t have to spend a fortune. iCanMandarin is a New York-based Chinese language institute that offers the best Mandarin learning experience in an after school or weekend setting. The team has decades of experience in curriculum development and classroom instruction—led by leading experts in Chinese language education in the US.

Classes are age appropriate—differentiated instruction for grades K though 12—culturally savvy, and only taught by native speakers and qualified teachers specifically trained in language education. iCanMandarin focuses on real life language application through fun and authentic communication, and develops the learners’ curiosity and confidence in learning.

Learning Chinese opens the world and changes the future for your child. Why wait!? Join them for a free lesson on September 7, sign up at

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