Free Kids’ Classes in New York for a Fun and Educational Summer 2019

As school comes to a close, the freedom of summer approaches. Kids watch the clock tick by and they jump at the first opportunity to head outdoors, into the sunny weather. But in modern day society, it’s a myth that summer has to just be about free play, fun, and anything but math. It’s also a myth that math can’t be fun and full of play! There are plenty of classes offered around NYC this summer that encourage the intersection between learning, creativity, and fun, both inside and outdoors. Oh, and did we mention that they’re free? We know that expenses add up throughout the school year, between school fees, after school programs, and the never ending cycle of new clothes for those your kids outgrow. Therefore, we created a list of the best free summer classes. Introduce a sprinkling of education into the break from school to support your kids’ love for learning, highlight education as a priority, and encourage your kids to pursue their passions. Class topics include art, science, mathematics, writing, and more, in addition to athletic classes, such as soccer, basketball, and swimming. And if you’re looking to fit in a summer camp with your free summer classes, check out these camps for late summer, day camps, and sleepaway camps!

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