Five Great Cycling Spots For NYC Bike Rides

A guidebook to bicycling in New York City and its surroundings is a great way to get rolling this month! A great resource for all New Yorkers, from diehard city cyclists to joyriding families, Where to Bike: New York City, Best Biking in City and Suburbs provides a comprehensive look at both familiar and not as well-known cycling routes throughout the five boroughs, including detailed maps, distances, terrain and traffic descriptions, and details regarding nearby stops for food, drink, and sightseeing. Even for popular destinations such as Manhattan’s Central Park and Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, Where to Bike provides a wealth of advice to help you get the most out of your family’s weekend ride. Here are five fabulous cycling spots recommended in Where to Bike that will add variety to your excursions.

Upper West Side Loop, Manhattan

This scenic route not only includes a stretch along the popular Hudson River bike path, but also includes a tree-lined expanse of Riverside Drive and opportunities to delve into a bit of Presidential history at the Eleanor Roosevelt Monument and Grant’s Tomb.  In warm weather, your family can enjoy the seasonal café at the 79thStreet boat basin, while the Fairway guidebook to supermarket provides a year-round snack stop for your pint-sized pedalists to refuel.

Governors Island Loop

Hop a ferry from either Manhattan or Brooklyn to Governors Island, which offers a number of short, flat loops that can be managed easily by all sizes and levels of cyclists and can be combined for a slightly longer, leisurely ride. Families can make a day it, stopping for lunch at an outdoor café or setting up a picnic alongside the water.

Van Cortlandt Park Loop, Bronx

The city’s fourth-largest park provides a variety of terrains and options for both on- and off-road biking.  Where to Bike suggests a 5.5 mile trek that leads you into Westchester County and back through a tree-lined trail alongside the park’s golf course and pond. Van Cortlandt Park’s diverse offerings enable you to add tennis, horseback riding, bird-watching, and fishing to your outing, or you can catch a lively soccer game or cricket match while enjoying a picnic lunch. And consider a visit to the Bronx’s oldest house, the Van Cortlandt House Museum, as a break from your bike tour.

Cunningham Park MTB Trails, Queens

This kid-friendly destination is filled with some of the city’s best off-road trails, which are well-marked and easy to navigate for mountain biking fans of all ages and experience levels. There’s even a dirt jump park in the center of Cunningham Park, where you can catch skilled thrill-riders going through their paces.

Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn

NYC’s first municipal airport is now home to a variety of recreational facilities, including a model airplane field, hiking trails, campsites, and even an NYPD helicopter unit. A popular place for bike racing along former runways, it’s also a pleasurable spot for recreational cyclists as well.

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