Our City’s New Bike Share Program Has Launched!

Citi Bike stationImagine taking the family out for ice cream or a movie—minus the expensive taxis, long subway rides, and crowded buses. Now, there’s a faster, easier, and more fun way to get around the city with your family. Citi Bike has begun its new bike-sharing system, just in time for warmer weather. The program allows travelers to enjoy the great outdoors instead of being stuck underground in the subway or within the confines of a cab and makes getting there half the fun of going somewhere!

With over 300 stations dispersed throughout NYC below 59th Street and some areas in Brooklyn (with city maps located at each station kiosk), this exciting new program is a convenient means of transportation for families. It offers three options: a 24-Hour Pass ($9.95), a 7-Day Pass ($25), and an Annual Membership ($95). For day trips and family outings, the daily pass is the best choice for unlimited 30-minute rides all day long. You and your teen (riders must be 16 or older) can drop the bikes off at any station after a day at the park or a family BBQ, while younger kids can tag alongside on their own bikes, scooters, or blades. Citi Bikes are great for exploring, with adjustable seats and baskets to hold your things. And for parents who commute a lot, the yearly pass is the best way to make the most of the new service, with the convenience of being able to borrow an adult bike whenever your little ones are in the mood to pedal! citibikenyc.com

Bonus Tip: If you’re looking for a way to tour NYC with your family on wheels, Bike and Roll has got you covered. This program offers children’s bikes, tandem bikes, kids’ seats, and trailers. Featuring all types of tours from the Hudson River to Central Park, riders can take in beautiful views of places like the Brooklyn Bridge, Belvedere Castle, and Strawberry Fields. More than just a transportation service, Bike and Roll will leave your brood breathless. (Hope you can keep up!) But don’t worry, each tour has a different difficulty level ranging from easy to moderate. Tickets for children 12 and under are discounted, so the whole family will enjoy cycling together. What’s more, there’s always the option of being the parent leader of the pack and going on a self-guided ride. bikenewyorkcity.com

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