Inside Look: The Grinch’s Holiday Workshop At CMOM

As soon as you walk down the stairs and into the basement of the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, you become transported out of the city and into the world of Dr. Seuss’s How The Grinch Stole Christmas in “The Grinch’s Holiday Workshop.”

Original artwork from the doctor himself lines the walls of the hallway leading into the recreated Who-ville. In the basement itself, favorite characters and quotes come to life—hanging snowflakes set the frosty scene for the 3D Christmas tree and the Grinch’s sleigh, pulled by Max the rein-dog, popping out of the walls. A chair for book readings and red- and green-painted craft tables fill the middle of the room to complete the fully immersive workshop.

This series of workshops hosts daily and weekly programming, including everything from scavenger hunts and storytelling to Who-ville Mad Libs and ornament-making crafts.

But, like much of CMOM’s other programming, it’s much more than just fun and games. The book teaches lessons of generosity, goodwill towards all, and a sense of community. The Museum hopes that the workshop will instill a sense of community mindfulness, which they’ve even incorporated in the mural—which begins and ends with a scene of the Who-ville inhabitants joined together. The workshop also focuses on early literacy, through readings of various Dr. Seuss books, and learning through art, which CMOM strives to promote in all their workshops.

CMOM has also partnered with MSG Entertainment to host a holiday book drive to benefit the Garden of Dreams foundation, which helps children facing obstacles. Attendees of “The Grinch’s Holiday Workshop” and the production of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical will be encouraged to donate an unused book to the foundation.*

The recommended age for the exhibit is 3-8 years, but Dr. Seuss stories of have no age limit—all of us at New York Family are big fans. The exhibit runs through January 6. For more information, visit

*In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, CMOM has expanded its charity efforts to include long-term plans to help families that have been affect by the storm.  See how you can help here.