BUMP! Takes Winter Fun To The Next Level

BUMP! Takes Winter Fun To The Next Level
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BUMP! Takes Winter Fun To The Next Level

Get ready to bump up your winter fun quotient with a visit to BUMP!, a nostalgic bumper car pop-up at The Standard Hotel in Meatpacking. Kids of all ages will love the thrill of these bumper cars on ice and want to ride again and again.

BUMP! is a punky, nostalgic bumper car pop-up set within The Standard Plaza. Set on the ice and illuminated with lights strung above, around the plaza, and on the bumper cars themselves, it is sure to be a bright spot in your day.

Whether you spin yourself around or go on a collision course, it is pure fun for eight to ten minutes. The ride is fun but will spin by fast, so after a rad ride, expect kids to ask for another turn.

While they wait for their next turn, grab a cozy table in the plaza under heat lamps, sink into a plush lounger and enjoy hot cocoa and snacks as you watch others bump and ride. The menu has comfort foods kids will love (pizza, burgers, and fries) as well as cocktails and casual fare that grown-ups will love, too.

“The redesigned Plaza is an ode to 80s punk culture. Safety pins, mohawks and other renegade symbols suffuse the space with a downtown, DIY attitude,” The Standard says. “Hot pink ‘Barbiecore’ uniforms lend a touch of commercial irony, while the timeless thrill of bumper cars allows guests to live out a childhood fantasy. BUMP! blends these influences into a lively outdoor hangout.” 

BUMP! is a must-do for winter fun and open now through the end of March. Riding hours are Monday to Friday, from 12pm-10pm, and Saturday and Sunday, from 11am-10pm. It is $20 per ride and about ten minutes per ride. Riders must be 7+ years old, at least 42 inches tall, and under 300 pounds.

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