From Cookbooks To Cookies: Necessities For Baking With Kids

Let your little ones join you in the kitchen for some family fun! Instead of you doing all the work, your kids can follow easy recipes and even help with the mixing. We’ve compiled a list of everything you’ll need to bake the tastiest treats, while keeping your kitchen nice and clean.

Color Me! Cookie
Just this once, it’s okay to play with your food! Turn tasty cookies into works of art before you devour them. Use Eleni’s Color Me! (with edible ink) markers to draw on and decorate all kinds of fun shapes including dinosaurs, flowers, crowns, and even cars. Perfect for fall baking adventures, birthday parties, and more. $35,


Wean Green Garden Pack
These glass containers are perfect for storing your left-over baked goodies. Five times stronger than regular glass, Wean Green is all about combining environmentally friendly products with style. So pack up those brownies for snack time at school! $20.99,




Williams Sonoma’s  Kids Baking Cookbook
Your kids will learn how to bake pies, pastries, muffins, and more with this cookbook. Aside from fun and tasty recipes, kids are also taught the basics of baking including measurements, how to peel fruits, and organization. A glossary is also included. $9.36,




Personalized Apron and Chef Hat
Any little chef will love this apron and hat set. Choose from pink, red, or white and over a dozen font styles to embellish with your child’s name. The handmade items feature a cupcake design and pockets for your supplies. $38,




Melamine Baking Set
Made especially for those eager junior chefs, the non-slip mixing bowl is the perfect way to avoid a huge mess. Recommended for ages 3 and up, the set also includes four measuring cups and four measuring spoons–each with a different color for easy reference. The spouts are made for no-spill pouring and the tools are attached to a removable ring for safekeeping. $23.50,



Autumn Leaf Sprinkles
Top off your cupcakes, brownies, and cookies with these confetti leaves just in time for fall. They add lots of color and seasonal fun to your food–and not to mention a little extra sweetness! $2.69,



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