5 Whale Watching Tours Near New York City

5 Whale Watching Tours Near New York City

5 Whale Watching Tours Near New York City

Seeing whales up close can be an awe inspiring and magical experience. Over 13 million people around the world go whale watching every year, which has made it a multi-billion-dollar industry. Whale watching is not only entertaining, but it is also very educational.

Through a sightseeing trip to the ocean, we can learn how these animals help our ecosystem in maintaining a balanced food chain. The number of operators offering whale watching trips are also on the rise. Whale watching is an experience that will change your life and create everlasting memories! 

Here are some of the best whale watching tours to check out near New York City! Grab your binoculars and hit the road on a whale watching adventure this summer. 

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East 35th Street Dock, New York, NY
Pier 11, Downtown Manhattan, NY
326 Shore Dr. Highlands, NJ

Take a whale watching cruise with Seastreak to meet the thriving population of whales right off the coast of NYC! With Seastreak, you get more than just an incredible view and a boating adventure. You get to feed your curiosity as well.

A wildlife expert from the American Littoral Society will ride along on each cruise to provide information about the sea creatures you meet. These cruises will be running through October and cost $59 per adult and $34 for children ages 12 and under. 

American Princess Cruises

2498 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn, NY 

The American Princess Cruises have been setting out on successful ocean adventures for the past 14 years. This experience involves the entire family: children are encouraged to participate in helping the crew with an official whale and dolphin count.

Don’t forget your binoculars and cameras! These tours run for approximately 3.5 hours. The tickets cost $65 for adults, $45 for children ages 5  to 12, and are free for children under 5 (with reservations). 

Cape May Whale Watcher

1218 Wilson Dr, Cape May, NJ

The “Cetacean Spectacular” experience on the Cape May Whale Watcher will take you on a 3-hour tour of the Bay and the Atlantic for an unforgettable whale and dolphin watch. This incredible ocean adventure starts at 1pm every day and costs only $50 per person.

They have the largest and fastest marine mammal watching boats in New Jersey. The Cape May Whale Watcher vessel is over 110 feet in length, has two large decks, cabin seating for 100, and a capacity of 405 passengers.

They also offer a variety of special event cruise packages, including a Sunset Dolphin tour, a Prime-Rib Dinner cruise, and a History cruise in conjunction with the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts. 

Miss Belmar Whale Watching

905 NJ-35, Belmar, NJ

Enjoy a stunning view of the New York City skyline as a backdrop for your whale watching experience! On this trip, you will get to see not only whales but dolphins, sea turtles, and sharks as well.

An experienced naturalist will always be on board to share interesting facts about these animals with your family. The Royal Miss Belmar Whale watching cruise will be offering 3 hour sea adventures until Labor Day weekend.

Tickets cost $60 for adults and $30 for children ages 12 and under. 

Keyport Princess

1 American Legion Dr, Keyport, NJ 

The Keyport Princess whale and dolphin watching cruise is partnered with Whale Sense, which recognizes whale watching companies committed to responsible practices. Their 3.5  to 4 hour whale watching trips will take place until mid-October.

Tickets cost $75 for adults and $50 for children ages 12 and under. Keyport Princess also offers many fishing trips such as Fluke Fishing, and Magic Hour Fishing, which is great for kids.